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Writing retirement business ideas

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Nov 202015

Start a Writing retirement business.

typewriterCan you write? Do you know how to research a subject and put your thoughts on paper?

If so then there are thousands of writing opportunities available now for a retirement business.

While newspapers and general purpose magazines are folding, new opportunities have opened up on the internet.

Here are some new ideas for a writing retirement business.

Article writing – There are literally thousands of internet sites trying to attract readers with articles. Whereas in the past, there might have been only a handful of magazines, say on cats, there are not hundreds on the internet. In the past you had to submit your article proposal to each magazine, wait weeks to get accepted, see it published 3 months later and then wait a couple of more months for your payment. Now on the Internet you get accepted (or rejected) within days and they use the article right away. Payment is much quicker and they need fresh material every day not every month like a paper magazine. Here are some links to get started.
Copyediting – Even if you can’t right, you can offer to proof read and check for style, grammatical and typographical errors.
Proofreading – This involves checking fact for accuracy. If you know a particular subject well like computers, medicine, or science you are in demand.
Booklets – It is now easier than ever to put together a quick 20 page booklet on a topical subject and publish on Kindle. Just follow the news, do some research, and publish. You could turn out a different booklet every week.

Books – You can also write full length fiction or non-fiction books. There is no cost to publish an eBook with Kindle, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords. You can also publish an on demand paperback at no cost too.
Ghost writing – You can also contact well-known political, celebrity, and experts in a field and offer to help them write a book. Or target an existing popular book and offer to convert it into an eBook.

Blogs – Also many of the same people above would like to maintain contact with the public but have no idea how to start a blog and no time either. Offer to setup their blog and maintain it. Just phone them a couple of times a week, get their ideas, shape it into a blog or Twitter comment, get their approval and publish.

Websites – It used to be that when you wrote for a magazine you had to send a inquiry to one magazine, wait for a response, and if rejected then send an inquiry to another. This could take a month or so. Then when you were accepted the magazine would publish your article in two or three months and pay you two or three months later. The whole process could take as much as 6 months. And the magazine would only publish once a month. On the internet there are now a lot more sites that need to publish articles weekly or daily. So the opportunities are much greater now. And they pay monthly!

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97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work from home in your retirement business

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Nov 032015

Work from home in your retirement business in your pajamas

Click here to buy this book Make Money Online Vol. 1

Work from home in your retirement businessYou can work from home writing when you want, where you want.

This book lists 97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas. Age is of no importance. You will be an independent contractor working the hours you want to get the assignment done from your home.

This is no a “stuffing envelopes” scam but companies like American Express, U-haul and Amazon.

Each opportunity is explained in full so you know what to expect before you contact any of these companies.

Table of Contents

  • The Benefits of Working From Home
  • Your Work At Home Strategy
  • Call Center Work
  • Google Rater Jobs
  • Online Transcription Work
  • Online Tutors
  • Writing For Pay
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting/Tax Preparation
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Insurance/Coding
  • Short-Term Work or Micro-work Jobs
  • Job Searching Beyond This Book
  • Money Matters, Taxes and the Independent Contractor
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Companies That Pay International Workers
  • 5 Fun Bonus Jobs That Still Earn You Money
  • Skills You Need For Launching Your Own Work From Home Business

The economy is changing at an incredible rate and while many jobs are disappearing or being downsized, a world of new opportunities is exploding. Don’t get a job. Work from home in your retirement business.

Make Money Online – 97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas shows you exactly, in step by step detail, how to start making good money from home with proven companies providing proven jobs, many of which offer paid vacation and extensive benefit packages for their employees.

Click here to buy this book Make Money Online Vol. 1

Make Money Online 2Also check out Make Money Online Vol. 2 which has an additional 67 companies.

More Books on Writing Retirement Business which lets you work from home in your retirement business.

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425 Retirement Businesses to Launch

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Oct 122015

425 Retirement Businesses that you could start that meet the following criteria:

  • Very little or no money needed
  • Can be started quickly
  • No special licensing or certifications
  • You are not tied down to a fixed location or store lease
  • No employees or can be subcontracted
  • Work the hours that you want
  • You decide on how to run the business
  • No franchise fees
1. Adventure Vacations
2. Advertising Flyers
3. Advertising Promotional Products
4. Aerial Photography
5. Air Duct Cleaning
6. Alarms Installation
7. Alterations/Sewing/Decorating
8. Animal & House Sitting
9. Animal Breeding / Boarding / Burial / Fencing / Grooming / Training
Click here to see more
10. Announcement Service
11. Antique Furniture
12. Antiques Repair / Restoration
13. Apartment Finder
14. Appliances Refinishing / Repairing
15. Appraisals – Real Estate
16. Aprons
17. Aquariums Installation / Maintenance
18. Arbors
19. Aromatherapy
20. Art Dealer Buy / Sell
21. Art Painter / Teacher
22. Asbestos Removal
23. Assemble Backyard Play Structures
24. Association Management Services
25. Auction Services
26. Audio Books
27. Audio Video Photography
28. Auto Accessories
29. Auto Alarms
30. Auto Detailing
31. Auto Glass
32. Auto Inspections
33. Auto Mufflers
34. Auto Painting
35. Auto Radiators
36. Auto Radio Service
37. Auto Repairs
38. Auto Sales Part-Time
39. Auto Transportation
40. Auto Window Tinting
41. Awards And Trophies
42. Awnings
43. Baby Furniture
44. Babysitting
45. Babysitting Referral Service
46. Backyard Putting Greens Install
47. Balloons
48. Bamboo Products
49. Barns Install
50. Basement Waterproofing
51. Basket Making
52. Basketball Goals
53. Bathtubs
54. Bike Repair Service
55. Billiard Table Repair
56. Birdhouses
57. Blind Cleaning
58. Blog
59. Boat Cleaner
60. Body And Bath Products
61. Book Sales
62. Bookbinding
63. Bridal Services
64. Bridal Veils
65. Buffing & Polishing
66. Bulletin Board Service
67. Business Plan Writer
68. Buy And Sell Coins
69. Buy Items In Bulk And Resell
70. Cabinet Restoration
71. Cactus Arrangements
72. Cake Decorating
73. Calendars
74. Calligrapher
75. Camera Repair
76. Candles
77. Car Dent Removal
78. Car Wash
79. Career Coach
80. Carpentry Unfinished
81. Carpentry Woodworking
82. Carpet Sales/Installation/Repair
83. Cat Bed
84. Catering
85. Ceiling Fans
86. Central Vacuum Cleaning
87. Ceramic Dishes
88. Ceramic Tile Installation / Repair
89. Chair Caning / Repair
90. Child Care
91. Childproofing
92. Children’s Clothing
93. Children’s Party Organizer
94. Chimney Cleaning / Repair
95. China Repair
96. Christmas Trees
97. City Directory
98. Clean Awnings
99. Cleaning Services Offices
100. Clock Repair
101. Clocks Repair
102. Closet Organizers
103. Clothes Alteration
104. Clothing For Dogs
105. Coffee Tables
106. Coin Dealer
107. Collectibles
108. Coloring Books
109. Community Delivery Service
110. Computer Repair / Services / Training
111. Concrete / Pouring / Repair
112. Concrete Lawn Ornaments
113. Construction Cleanup Service
114. Consultant
115. Cooking Classes
116. Copywriting
117. Cosmetics
118. Cosmetics Make / Sell
119. Countertops
120. Crafts
121. Credit Repair
122. Cruise Ship Agent
123. Curbing
124. Customer Service Trainer
125. Dance Instruction
126. Deck Build / Maintain / Paint
127. Decorate Homes
128. Delivery Service
129. Demolition Service
130. Designer Fashions
131. Desktop Publishing Service
132. Direct Mail Preparation
133. Direct Selling
134. Directories
135. Disc Jockey Service
136. Dock Building / Repair
137. Dog Groomer / Walking
138. Dog House
139. Dog Treats
140. Doll House & Furniture
141. Doll Making
142. Doors Installation / Repair
143. Drain Cleaning
144. Drapery Cleaning
145. Driftwood Furniture
146. Drivers Education
147. Driveway Repair & Sealing
148. Dry Cleaning
149. Drywall
150. Dumpster Service
151. Ebay Seller
152. Ebook Writer
153. E-Commerce Seller
154. Editing
155. Elder Care
156. Electrical
157. Electronic Gadget Repair
158. Embroidery
159. Energy Efficiency Auditing
160. Engraving Items
161. Entertainment Booking / Parties
162. Epoxy Flooring
163. Errand Service
164. Etching
165. Event Planning Business
166. Excavating
167. Executive Recruiter
168. E-Zine Publisher
169. Fabric Restoration
170. Fashion Designer
171. Fencing & Driveway Gates
172. Film Developing
173. Financial Planner
174. Fireplaces
175. Firewood
176. First-Aid Kits
177. Fishing Tackle
178. Fitness Trainer
179. Flags
180. Flea Market Vendor
181. Flier Delivery
182. Floor Cleaning/Polishing/Waxing
183. Folk Art
184. For-Sale-By-Owner Service
185. Fountains
186. Framing
187. Furniture Making / Refinishing / Repair
188. Futons Maker
189. Garage Doors
190. Garage Sale Organizer
191. Garages Clean / Repair
192. Garages/Barns/Sheds
193. Garbage Collection
194. Gardens
195. Gas Grill Repair
196. Gates
197. Gazebos
198. Gift Baskets
199. Glass200. Glass Etching
201. Golf Ball Printing Business
202. Graffiti Removal
203. Granite
204. Graphic Design
205. Greenhouses
206. Greeting Cards
207. Grocery Shopping Service
208. Growing Bonzai / Flowers / Herbs / Plants
209. Guns Cleaning
210. Gutter Cleaning / Repair / Replacement
211. Halloween Costumes
212. Hammocks
213. Handbags
214. Handmade Belts
215. Handyman
216. Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing
217. Hauling
Click here to see more
218. Heating & A/C
219. Hiking Tour Guide
220. Holiday Decorating
221. Home Automation
222. Home Inspection
223. Home Office Planner
224. Home Staging For Realtors
225. House Hunter
226. House Painting
227. House Sitting
228. Housecleaning
229. Houseplants
230. How-To Information
231. Hurricane Shutters
232. Image Consultant
233. Import Products
234. Information Broker
235. Instructional Seminars
236. Instructional Videos
237. Insulation
238. Insurance Agent
239. Interior Design & Decorating
240. Internet Service
241. Ironing
242. Jacuzzi Installation / Repair
243. Jewelry Design / Making / Repair / Sales
244. Kids Party Organizer
245. Kitchen Cleaning
246. Kitchenware
247. Kites
248. Knife Sharpening
249. Knitted Products
250. Lamp Repair
251. Land Surveying
252. Landscaping
253. Lawn Fertilization / Irrigation / Treatment
254. Lawn Mower & Power Tool Repair
255. Lead Testing & Removal
256. Leaf Removal
257. Leaf, Ice And Snow Removal
258. Leather Crafts
259. Life Coaches
260. Lighting
261. Lingerie
262. Locksmith
263. Logo Design
264. Luggage Repair
265. Mailboxes Make / Repair
266. Mailing List Service
267. Makeup Artist
268. Management Trainer
269. Manager Of An Association
270. Manufacturers’ Representative
271. Marble
272. Marinas
273. Masonry
274. Maternity Clothing
275. Medical Billing
276. Metal Fabrication / Restoration
277. Metal Sculpture
278. Mirror Art
279. Mirrors
280. Mosaic Tile Art
281. Motorcycle Services
282. Moving
283. Mugs
284. Mulch
285. Murder Mystery Parties
286. Music Instruction
287. Musical Instrument Repair
288. Mystery Shopper
289. Natural Cleaning Products
290. Newsletters
291. Notary Public
292. Nurseries
293. Office Cleaning
294. Online Researcher
295. Oriental Rug Cleaning
296. Outdoor Brick Barbeques
297. Packing Service
298. Painting – Exterior / Interior
299. Paper Shredding
300. Papermaking Crafts
301. Parking Lot Power Sweeping
302. Party Balloons
303. Party Planner
304. Patient Advocates
305. Patio Furniture
306. Personalized Storybooks
307. Pest Control / Exterminating
308. Pet Bakeries
309. Pet Insurance
310. Pet Stores
311. Pets
312. Phone Repair
313. Photography
314. Piano Tuning
315. Picnic Tables
316. Picture Frames
317. Piñatas
318. Planters
319. Plastering
320. Playground Equipment
321. Plumbing
322. Ponds
323. Pool And Spa Service
324. Pool Cleaning / Equipment / Repair
325. Porch Builder / Maintenance
326. Pottery
327. Pressure Washing
328. Printing
329. Product Assembly Service
330. Professional Greeter
331. Property Management
332. Public Relations Business
333. Quilted Products
334. Radon Detection
335. Real Estate Agent
336. Remodeling
337. Resume Service
338. Roll-Top Desks
339. Roof Cleaning
340. Roommate Referral Services
341. Roto-Tilling
342. Rubbish Removal Service
343. Rv Handyman
344. Scratch Posts
345. Screen Doors
346. Screen Repair
347. Seashell Crafts
348. Secondhand Furniture Sales
349. Secretarial And Office-Support Services
350. Security Product Installation / Sales
351. Seniors Event Promoter
352. Septic Tank
353. Sewing And Alterations
354. Sharpening Service
355. Sheds
356. Sheds Assemble
357. Shoe Repair
358. Shopping Service For Elderly
359. Shuttle Service
360. Siding
361. Sign Business
362. Skin & Body Care
363. Skylights
364. Small-Spaces Landscaping
365. Snack Vending Business
366. Soap Making
367. Software Applications
368. Solar Panels
369. Special Events
370. Specialty Trees And Shrubs
371. Stamp Dealer
372. Stepping-Stones
373. Stereo & Home Theater Systems
374. Stone & Gravel
375. Stucco
376. Tablepads, Napkins, And Tablecloths
377. Tables
378. Tax Consultants
379. Tax Preparer
380. Teach Online
381. Technical Writer
382. Ticket Broker Service
383. Tie-Dyed Clothing
384. Topsoil
385. Tour Guide
386. Tour Guide
387. Town Newsletter
388. Toy Maker
389. Translator
390. Travel Agent
391. Tree Service
392. Trophies
393. Tropical Fish
394. T-Shirts
395. Tutoring
396. Uber Cab Driver
397. Udemy Instructor
398. Upholstering399. Urology
400. Vacuum Cleaners
401. Vcr Repair
402. Vegetable Stand
403. Vending Cart
404. Video Duplication / Production / Transfer
405. Virtual Assistant
406. Wallpaper Papering & Removal
407. Water & Smoke Damage
408. Water Coolers
409. Water Heaters
410. Water Softeners
411. Weather Vanes
412. Website Design & Development
413. Wedding Planner
414. Welding
415. Wells & Pumps
416. Wind Chimes
417. Window Boxes And Shutters
418. Window Cleaning
419. Window Screen Repairs And Replacements
420. Window Washing
421. Woodworking
422. Workbenches
423. Writer
424. Wrought Iron
425. Yard Maintenance
See more best retirement business ideas here.


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14 sewing ideas for extra retirement income

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Oct 012015
If you are thinking about opening a

Sewing Retirement Business

here are some ideas that you could use:

  1. Choir & graduation robes – Contact churches and schools. They are paying a fortune for commercial robes that you could make cheaper and better.
  2. Clothes designer – Design your own clothes or buy patterns and make clothes from them. Contact fabric stores and tell them you can make clothes for their customer with their fabrics.
  3. sewingCostumes – Make your own Halloween costumes.
  4. Dance wear – Ask around dance studios for their needs.
  5. Handicapped clothes – Let community family resource centers know that you can make clothes for handicapped individuals.
  6. Home items – Make bed covers, bed covers, crafts, curtains, drapes, pillows, slipcovers, and table cloths, Sell at flea markets and craft shows.
  7. Pets – Specialize in clothes for pets such as blankets, beds, and hats. Sell them through pet stores.
  8. School uniforms – Work with a private school to make their uniforms.
  9. Sell information – Put together pamphlets and booklets on sewing tips for specific items. You can sell patterns, instructions, and even complete kits.
  10. Sew for weddings – You can save brides and grooms hundreds of dollars by making all the clothes for a wedding.
  11. Sewing supplies – Often sewing supplies are imported from Asia and are of poor quality. Make some better supplies or purchase existing ones but put them into a kit.
  12. Start a sewing club – Teach others to sew. You can get students by partnering with a fabric store. They usually have a meeting room that you can use and a sewing machine for each student.
  13. Teach a class – Most community colleges are looking for instructors who can teach adults new skills. You don’t need academic credentials if you know what you are doing. Also libraries, schools, community centers, senior centers, and stores would let you teach. Require that each student bring their own sewing machine with them. You can sell the fabric needed for the class too as well as books.
  14. Uniforms – Contract managers of stores where employees wear uniforms. Find out if you can make them yourself or at least sew on names.

Check out this page on starting a Sewing Retirement Business

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The mutual fund industry is a scam

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Sep 242015

Most investors have lost money

mutual fund industry is a scam


the mutual fund industry is a scam.

Investors have lost billions of dollars while the industry has made billions for its employees, managers, and distributors.

They said “Leave the money management to us”.

The primary promise of the traditional for-profit fund industry — that it’s smart to pay a star fund manager huge money to pick stocks for you — is blown apart by performance data, which shows that the vast majority of funds lag low-cost index funds every year.

And the minority of funds that beat index funds this year — about a third in most years — won’t likely beat them next year or the following year.

The fact is that the clients of most traditional mutual funds would be considerably better off if the fund employees just shut their firms down, re-allocated their client’s money to low-cost index funds, and found other work to do. Equally unfortunately, however, the other work would likely pay significantly less well than the for-profit mutual-fund industry — which is why so few of the folks in the industry do the work necessary to understand these realities.

Read more about Mutual fund industry a scam


Great Wall Street Retirement Scam What THEY Don’t Want You to Know about 401ks, IRA and Other Plans

retirement-scamIn The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam, Rick Bueter leads you through the politics, greed, and control that big Wall Street firms have over American workers employer sponsored savings programs.

Once you understand the critical questions he brings up in the book, everything about how Wall Street is scamming American retirement savers becomes clear.

When you finish reading, you will know the truth about where and how financial security in retirement is created.

It’s the truth THEY don’t want YOU to know!

Read more about the Great Wall Street Retirement Scam.

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Retirement Business Home Office

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Sep 202015

What equipment do you need for a home office?

If you are starting or already have a retirement business you should be using your home as an office. If you are able to set aside one room as your home office you will probably be able to take a home office deduction on your taxes. And if you are using part of your garage or basement to store equipment, inventory, or materials you can deduct that too.


Click me


  • Laptop or desktop computer – Tablets and iPhones are great devices but not for a lot of typing and productive work.
  • Printer – Invest in a good color inkjet printer with copy and scanning capability. Also consider a smart printer that can work with your wireless router.
  • Router – These are very cheap and allow you to connect your desktop, iPhone, laptop, printer, smartphone, and tablet together in a home network. Don’t rent one from your Internet provider as it is much cheaper to buy one.


  • Office suite – You need a good set of software like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or Open Office.
  • Anti-virus – Protect your data from hackers with good anti-virus software like Avast which is free or purchase.
  • Graphics software – If you will be working with images or selling products that you want to display on your own website you will need a program to crop and  modify images. While the standard is Adobe Photoshop it is only now available online as a pricey subscription. You are better off getting something like PaintShop Pro.
  • Accounting – You should not keep your book manually. Instead I suggest that you get either QuickBooks.


Telephone systems –

  • Cell Phone – If you have a personal mobile cell phone you can use it for your business telephone providing that:
  1. You answer every call with your business name. Nothing sounds more unprofessional than answering a business phone with just “hello”. That means all your friends will always hear your business name unless your phone displays their calling information.
  2. You will need to have an answering system that will answer you cell phone even if you are talking on the line, on vacation, sleeping, or you forgot to carry the phone with you.
  3. If you are sharing the cell phone with someone else, then don’t use it for business. Even your spouse might not know how to answer or take messages well.
  • Business phone – I don’t recommend getting a separate business phone (nor using your house phone) because they are more expensive. Also you need to be able to forward calls to your mobile phone and take voice messages. Many simple business phones will not notify that there is a call waiting and will simply give a busy signal to the caller as they cannot record a message while you are using the phone to speak to someone else.

Read more here on answering systems.


  • Lamps – I suggest a floor lamp and goose neck table lamp.
  • Storage – Get a used filing cabinet.
  • Table – I found that a draftsman’s table was better than an office desk because the table surface was deeper and it could accommodate peripherals like a printer and extra disk drive better.


If you will be shipping products then you will need

  • blank shipping labels (which you can print on your computer)
  • boxes (get new ones as recycled boxes look cheap)
  • mailing scale
  • packing foam (instead of old newspapers)
  • tape with a dispenser


  • Bluetooth device
  • Credit card swiper for PayPal
  • Headsets
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Phone charges
  • Staplers

Setting up your home office

  • Remove everything from the room to start with. That mean beds, clothes, tables, furniture, plants, and bookcases. This will help you get a fresh look at the space that you have to work with.
  • Clean and paint the room a bright white.  Fix any switches or light fixtures. You don’t want to be working in a dark cave.
  • Install more electrical outlets, shelving, and decide where you will place the phone, router, and modem.
  • Bring in your furniture. Then your computer equipment. Keep cords together with ties.
  • Next bring in any wall items like business license, calendars, whiteboards, and artwork.
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Who needs a website? Not me!

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Sep 152015

Don’t get a website for your retirement business


  • If you believe any of these myths, then you should really forget about getting a website. It won’t do your retirement business any good.
  • If you don’t want to invest the time and money to make it look professional, and just want a listing in a directory or Facebook, you are wasting time and will not get any good results. Better to have no presence on the Internet than a poor one.
  • If you expect your website to miraculously drive customers to your business without doing any other marketing. Buy a get-rich-quick book.
  • If you just plan on getting a website up once and then forget about doing anything more in the future such a maintaining it or keeping it up to date. Then plan on spending a lot of time cold-calling to get customers.

I mention this because many small retirement business owners question why they need a website. (And when they do decide to put up a website, they fall for many of these myths.)

After all most of their customers will come from word-of-mouth and local advertising, so why bother with a website?


The only retirement business that does not need a website is a business that already

has more customers than they can handle.

If you business doesn’t have that problem, then you most definitely need a website.

Here is why every small retirement business needs a website.

Advertising – You have to advertise somehow. And it is very expensive to print a full color brochure or buy a classified or display ad or send out postal mail. Moreover you are limited as to how many images you can put in an ad and how many words you can use to describe your products and services. However, once you have a website the cost for an additional web page is minimal. Plus on a website you can more effectively tell your story than any other media. A

A website gives you more adverting value for less money than any other advertising media.

Always open for business – With a website your company is open for business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even while you are on vacation or busy enjoying your retirement.

Articles – You can write lots of articles that explain why your product or service offers better solutions to customer problems (which, of course, use your products and services) than your competitors. You can become the expert in your field.

Confidence – With a website your company can appear as professional as any large company. You can put up a website that will impress customers with product listing, service offerings, photos, and testimonials. Just tell you story well and convince customers to shop with you instead of someone else.

Credibility – Today almost everyone who has contact with a product seller or service provider or reads a flyer or gets any other type of communication will CHECK THEM OUT ON THE INTERNET. If your company can’t be found on the Internet or has a poor website, you will be dismissed as an amateur. Just as people judge a book by its cover, they judge your retirement business by your website.

Customer contact – You can get feedback from customers, offer support, and even let them make appointments, purchase a products, of ask questions even while you are asleep.

New customers – When people are looking to buy a product or service, they no longer turn to the yellow pages. And if you have noticed the newspaper classifieds have lost a lot of ads too. Statistics show that the majority of people look first on the Internet when they need a product and especially a service. If they can’t find your company listed there but find your competitor then you will lose out on new customers.

Reach – The internet is world-wide so you can reach customers anywhere. Even if you only want to sell in your local area you can reach people that traditional media can never reach.

See the complete slide show at Side Wages.

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Who answers your retirement business telephone when you don’t?

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Sep 072015

So what happens if a customer calls and you can’t answer personally?

There is no doubt that you can lose business if someone calls your retirement business telephone and receives no answer at all. But always there will be times when you are just not able to answer. You might be sleeping, away from the phone, traveling, driving, or at a customer site.

  • retirement business telephoneA new potential customer will not try again but call your competitor instead.
  • An existing customer will be frustrated and conclude that your service is not the best.

So an investment in a telephone answering system to handle retirement business telephone calls is very important – especially if you have a service retirement business.

Retirement Business Telephone

There is however more than one way to implement an answering system:

  1. Use your phone company’s answering service. Many local telephone companies offer an answering machine service. Anytime that you don’t answer the phone or, most importantly, when you line is busy, the phone company’s system will answer after so many rings with your own pre-recorded message.

The main advantage of a phone company answering service is that calls are answered even when you are busy talking on the phone.  There is a voice box and you can record your greeting. An answering machine cannot answer calls if you are using the line.

The disadvantage is that it is more costly than your own answering machine and less flexible with regards to messages. You also need to periodically call the phone company to check if you have a message. An answering machine has a light that turns on when there are messages waiting.

  1. Buy a telephone answering machine. You can get an answering machine very cheaply. All telephone answering machines are now digital so you don’t have to mess with tapes.

The advantage is that you can record multiple messages and have multiple voice boxes. There is also only a one-time cost. The answering machine will also light up when messages are waiting. More expensive answering machines can even be connected to the internet to send you an email message with the voice recording.

 The disadvantage is that an answering machine cannot answer any call when you are using the line. The only solution is to have a dedicated line for incoming calls and not make outgoing calls on it.

  1. Voice mail machine.  This is a more complicated answering system that can be a standalone box or work with your computer. This is the type of answering system that can route calls (press “1” for service, press “2” for sales etc.).

The advantage is the additional functionality and it gives the impression that your company is much bigger than it really is. It can answer calls when the line is busy too.

 The biggest disadvantage is the cost as they are not cheap.

  1. An independent answering service. You can hire an independent answering service with live operators to take your calls.

The advantage is that your customers can make appointments and you appear more professions.

The disadvantage is that today many answering services use operators in foreign countries that speak very poor English. The cost is much higher. And often the operators are so overwhelmed that they act like parrots.  Many do not allow customers to leave a voice message and the operators garble what was said. If you use one, be sure to call them periodically pretending to be a customer to see how you are treated.

  1. Chat on your web site. Sine many potential customers will be visiting your web site why not implement a “chat” application?  You can install a chat system that will take text and voice messages in addition to a contact me form.

The advantage is that you can answer customers in real-time while sitting at your computer even if they are not in your local area.

The disadvantage is that you need the assistance of a programmer to install the software on you web site and you must be at your computer to be most effective.


I addition to a local business telephone there are some other telephone options that you should consider.


I also suggest that you install the free application Skype on your smartphone and your desktop computer. With Skype you can text, make phone calls, use video and send files to any other Skype member. You can also make very, very cheap long-distance phone calls to any non-Skype member in the world.


For about $40 per year you get a local phone number anywhere in Canada or the USA from MagicJack. I live in Mexico but have a local USA phone number and can make free unlimited phone calls to Canada and the USA for free. The other person’s caller ID shows my local USA number. There is also a voice box and it sends emails with the recorded voice message to any email account. Once you purchase it you can install multiple copies on your desktop computer, iPhone, tables, and smartphones.


With the free Google Voice system you can get a phone number, voice box, and automatic routing of your calls to any other phone number. This is great if you are on vacation or traveling. It can even route a call to Skype. Google also allows you to screen incoming calls. https://support.google.com/chat/answer/3379791


If you already have a telephone PBX system, you might want to consider just disconnecting from the telephone company and using VOIP. You calls will be routed through the Internet instead. You can eliminate an expensive telephone business lines and the long-distance charges while still using a sophisticated PBX system that you might already own. However, when the Internet goes down, your retirement business telephone system goes down too. Also in most homes when the electricity goes off a normal phone still works, but if your computer is not working, then your VOIP will be dead too.

So look into adding a retirement business telephone answering system in addition to your business phone and cell phone.

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Aug 192015

Start a Party Box retirement business

Many people today do not have the time to shop for all the items that are needed for a party. Why not do it for them? Start your own party box retirement business.
All you have to do is make a party box and fill it with everything that one might need for a party. Buy the items wholesale and resell them easily.


Click image for more information on making your own party favors.

You can contact wholesalers and purchase:

  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Confetti
  • Decorations
  • Flowers
  • Games
  • Hats
  • Invitations
  • Knives, forks and spoons
  • Napkins
  • Noisemakers
  • Piñatas
  • Plates
  • Ribbons
  • Signs
  • Streamers
  • Table cloths

And put them all into one party box.

Make various sizes such as for a small, medium, and large party.

You can make party boxes for:

  • Adult birthday
  • Child’s birthday
  • Christmas
  • Engagement
  • Fourth of July
  • Halloween
  • New years
  • Retirement
  • Teenager birthday
  • Wedding

Sell them through party shops, gift card shops, and work with event planners.

See more best retirement business ideas here.

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Jul 252015
294 retirement businessesHere is a big list of possible 294 retirement businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Very little or no money needed
  • Can be started quickly
  • No special licensing or certifications
  • You are not tied down to a fixed location or store lease
  • No employees or can be subcontracted
  • Work the hours that you want
  • You decide on how to run the business
  • No franchise fees
  1. Adventure Vacations
  2. Advertising Flyers
  3. Aerial Photography
  4. Announcement Service
  5. Antique Furniture
  6. Antiques
  7. Apartment Finder
  8. Appliance Repair
  9. Aprons
  10. Arbors
  11. Aromatherapy
  12. Aromatherapy business
  13. Art Dealer
  14. Art Instruction
  15. Arts Teacher
  16. Assemble Backyard Play Structures
  17. Association Management Services
  18. Audio books
  19. Audio Video Photography
  20. Auto Detailing
  21. Auto Window Tinting
  22. Awards and Trophies
  23. Baby Furniture
  24. Babysitting
  25. Baby-Sitting Referral Service
  26. Backcountry Hiking Tour Guide
  27. Balloons
  28. Bamboo Products
  29. Basket Making
  30. Bike Repair Service
  31. Birdhouses
  32. Blog
  33. Boat Cleaner
  34. Body and Bath Products
  35. Book Sales
  36. Bookbinding
  37. Bookkeeper
  38. Bookkeeping
  39. Bridal Veils
  40. Bulletin Board Service
  41. Business Plan Writer
  42. Buy and sell coins
  43. Buy items in bulk and resell
  44. Cabinetmaking
  45. Cactus Arrangements
  46. Calendars
  47. Calligrapher
  48. Candles
  49. Car Dent Removal
  50. Car Wash
  51. Carpentry Shop
  52. Carpet Cleaning
  53. Cat bed
  54. Ceramics
  55. Chair Caning
  56. Chairs
  57. Chef
  58. Children’s Clothing
  59. Children’s Party Organizer
  60. Christmas Trees
  61. City Directory
  62. City Web Site
  63. Clean Awnings
  64. Cleaning Service
  65. Clock
  66. Closet Organizers
  67. Clothes Alteration
  68. Clothing for Dogs
  69. Coffee Tables
  70. Coin Dealer
  71. Collectibles
  72. Coloring books
  73. Community Delivery Service
  74. Computer Repair
  75. Concrete Lawn Ornaments
  76. Construction Cleanup Service
  77. Consultant
  78. Cooking Classes
  79. Copywriting
  80. Cosmetics
  81. Countertops
  82. Crafts
  83. Crafts Instructions
  84. Craigslist
  85. Create an Android application
  86. Create instructional videos
  87. Cruise Ship Agent
  88. Curbing
  89. Customer Service Trainer
  90. Dance Lessons
  91. Deck Builder
  92. Decorate homes
  93. Decorating Service
  94. Delivery Service
  95. Demolition Service
  96. Designer Fashions
  97. Desktop Publishing Service
  98. Direct Mail Preparation
  99. Direct Selling
  100. Directories
  101. Disc Jockey Service
  102. Dog Groomer
  103. Dog House
  104. Dog Treats
  105. Dog Walking
  106. Doll House & Furniture
  107. Dolls
  108. Drain cleaning
  109. Driftwood Furniture
  110. Driveway Sealing
  111. EBay Seller
  112. EBook
  113. E-Commerce
  114. Editing
  115. Elder Care
  116. Embroidery
  117. Engraved Pet Tags
  118. Engraving items
  119. Entertainment Booking
  120. Errand Service
  121. Executive Recruiter
  122. E-Zine Publisher
  123. Fabric Restoration
  124. Fashion Designer
  125. Financial Planner
  126. Firewood
  127. First-Aid Kits
  128. Fishing Tackle
  129. Fitness Trainer
  130. Flags
  131. Flea Market Vendor
  132. Flier Delivery
  133. Flowers
  134. Folk Art
  135. For-Sale-by-Owner Service
  136. Furniture Maker
  137. Furniture Repairs
  138. Futons
  139. Garage Sale Business
  140. Gardens
  141. Gazebos
  142. Gift Baskets
  143. Glass Etching
  144. Golf Ball Printing Business
  145. Graffiti Removal
  146. Greenhouses
  147. Greeting Cards
  148. Grocery Shopping Service
  149. Growing Flowers
  150. Gutter Cleaning
  151. Halloween Costumes
  152. Hammocks
  153. Handbags
  154. Handmade Belts
  155. Handyman
  156. Hardwood Floors
  157. Home Inspector
  158. Home Medical Equipment Sales
  159. Home Office Planner
  160. Home staging for realtors
  161. House Hunter
  162. House Painting
  163. House Sitting
  164. Houseplants
  165. How-To Information
  166. Image Consultant
  167. Import products
  168. Information Broker
  169. Instructional seminars
  170. Jewelry
  171. Kids Party Organizer
  172. Kitchen Cleaning
  173. Kitchenware
  174. Kites
  175. Knife Sharpening
  176. Knitted Products
  177. Landscape Supplies
  178. Leather Crafts
  179. Lingerie
  180. Locksmith
  181. Logo Design
  182. Mailboxes
  183. Mailing List Service
  184. Maintain Aquariums
  185. Makeup Artist
  186. Management Trainer
  187. Manager of an Association
  188. Manufacturers’ Representative
  189. Massage Therapist
  190. Maternity Clothing
  191. Medical Billing
  192. Metal sculpture
  193. Mirror Art
  194. Mosaic Tile Art
  195. Mugs
  196. Murder Mystery Parties
  197. Music Lessons
  198. Mystery Shopper
  199. Natural Cleaning Products
  200. Newsletters
  201. Notary Public
  202. Office Cleaning
  203. Online Researcher
  204. Outdoor Brick Barbeques
  205. Packing Service
  206. Paintings
  207. Papermaking Crafts
  208. Parking Lot Power Sweeping
  209. Party Balloons
  210. Party Planner
  211. Patio Furniture
  212. Personalized Storybooks
  213. Pest Control
  214. Photographer
  215. Picnic Tables
  216. Picture Frames
  217. Piñatas
  218. Planters
  219. Playhouses
  220. Ponds
  221. Pottery
  222. Power Washing
  223. Product Assembly Service
  224. Professional Greeter
  225. Promotional Products
  226. Property Manager
  227. Put in Backyard Putting Greens
  228. Quilted Products
  229. Registered Investment Advisor
  230. Repair Clocks
  231. Restore antiques or other rare items
  232. Resume Service
  233. Roll-Top Desks
  234. Roommate Referral Services
  235. Rubbish Removal Service
  236. RV Handyman
  237. Saunas
  238. Scratch Posts
  239. Seashell Crafts
  240. Secondhand Furniture Sales
  241. Secretarial and Office-Support Services
  242. Security Product Sales
  243. Sell Advertising Promotional Products
  244. Seniors Event Promoter
  245. Sewing and Alterations
  246. Sharpening Service
  247. Sheds
  248. Shopping Service for Elderly
  249. Shuttle Service
  250. Sign Business
  251. Small-Spaces Landscaping
  252. Snack Vending Business
  253. Snow and Ice Removal Service
  254. Soap Making
  255. Solar-Powered Products
  256. Specialty Trees and Shrubs
  257. Stamp Dealer
  258. Start a Public Relations Business
  259. Start an Event Planning Business
  260. Stepping-Stones
  261. Tables
  262. Tax Preparer
  263. Teach online
  264. Technical Writer
  265. Tie-Dyed Clothing
  266. Tour Guide
  267. Town Newsletter
  268. Toy Maker
  269. Translator
  270. Travel Agent
  271. Tropical Fish
  272. T-Shirts
  273. Tutoring
  274. Uber Cab Driver
  275. Udemy course
  276. Utility Trailers
  277. Vegetable Stand
  278. Vending Cart
  279. Virtual Assistant
  280. Weather Vanes
  281. Web Designer
  282. Wedding Planner
  283. Wind Chimes
  284. Window Boxes and Shutters
  285. Window Screen Repairs and Replacements
  286. Window Washing
  287. Wood Screen Doors
  288. Wooden Gates
  289. Wooden Toys
  290. Workbenches
  291. Workout Class
  292. Write Software
  293. Writer
  294. Yard Maintenance

See more best retirement business ideas here.

In future post I will discuss each of the 294 retirement businesses in more detail.

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Jul 142015

Should you buy a small business from someone else?

buy a retirement businessIt is not easy to start a business, especially if you have always been an employee and do not have previous experience managing a business. So one consideration is to simply buy a retirement business business instead of starting one from scratch.

Here are 10 reasons why you should
or should NOT
buy a retirement business from someone else.

Reasons to buy a retirement business:

  1. Basic inventory, fixtures, furniture, and equipment are included.
  2. There are already existing customers.
  3. Profits start flowing  immediately.
  4. There are relationships with suppliers.
  5. You get a proven system for success and know-how.
    On the other hand there are reasons why you should not buy a retirement business.
  6. You probably will pay more to buy an existing business.
  7. There might be hidden liabilities.
  8. The company or industry might be failing.
  9. The business might have a poor reputation.
  10. The financial figures might not be correct.

An alternative to buy a retirement business is

Buy the assets and not the entire company

You can just buy the equipment, fixtures, inventory, receivables, and customer lists instead of buying the entire company. After all, you don’t really want to be stuck with paying bills and the assets are the most valuable part of a company. It is easier to discover the value of assets than to determine what the liabilities are.

If you buy just the assets, than you will not be responsible for these liabilities:

  • Bank loans that must be paid
  • Contracts already agreed upon
  • Lawsuits
  • Liens
  • Past due rent or leases
  • Un paid employee and their claims
  • Unpaid suppliers
  • Unpaid taxes

You can even just buy the company name too if that is important to you.

More ideas on the Best Retirement Business Ideas

Buy a retirement business assets and not the entity

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Steps for selecting a retirement business

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Jul 132015

retirement-savingsWhen you are thinking of starting a new business you need to take these steps for Steps for selecting a retirement business.

Know the business

Learn all that you can about the business if you don’t already know. Take courses online or at school like a community college. Buy books on how to start and run your business.

Check your skills and experience

You will probably do best putting what you already know and in a field where you already have experience. If you lack some skill or experience, can you outsource it or subcontract it?

What are you interested in?

When  selecting a retirement business, choose one that you will enjoy doing. Too many of us worked all our lives just to bring home a paycheck. Now is the time to follow your dream. It’s hard to run a business that you hate just for the money.

Learn all that you can

You are never too old to know more. Take courses online, read books, attend classes, and talk to other already doing the kind of retirement business that you would like to do.

Start off small

Remember that you will be selecting a retirement business to supplement your income and not starting a full -time business. Now that you have more time on your hands, look for something that requires little capital and more of your time. Don’t try to get rich quick or start a global enterprise.

Talk to others

Find out who your competition is. Buy their product or service. Learn what they did right or wrong. Ask yourself how you could do it better, quicker, cheaper, or more conveniently.

Estimate your risk

Know what is the worst that can happen to you if you fail. If you keep your initial investment low and rely mostly on doing-it-yourself at first, you won’t lose much.

Just Do It

There comes a time when you need to stop dreaming and planning and just start doing it. Nothing is perfect and you probably won’t get it right the first time. Be prepared to learn from mistakes and change directions.

Read more advice on choosing a retirement business

More tips here about best retirement businesses to start

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Jul 032015

How to choose a retirement business

mug giftThe current economic crisis has affected our retirement. Many of us have lost our job before we were ready to retire and can’t find another at the same pay rate.

Then our 401K and retirement funds took a big hit.

To top it off, the value of our house has fallen so we won’t be able to sell it for what we thought. And Social Security is less than we expected.

There are many other reason why it might be time to consider starting your own Retirement Business.

  • Your income is just not quite enough to live on
  • You are getting bored just watching the sunsets
  • Your spouse would like you  out of the house more

Here are 10 tips for choosing a Retirement Business:

  1. Don’t grow too big. Run the business yourself without permanent employees.
  2. You don’t want a job or store front with fixed hours to limit your freedom. Work when you want.
  3. Don’t gamble your retirement savings. Keep your investment low.
  4. Leverage what you already know or are passionate about.
  5. Get a portable retirement business if you move the business moves with you.
  6. Figure out what you need to earn. Maybe you just want to keep busy or attain a certain income level.
  7. Don’t dream about your Retirement Business. Make a list of things to do every week.
  8. At this stage of life your Retirement Business should be fun and not work.
  9. Learn all you can about your new business before starting.
  10. Start now. Don’t wait. Begin small and make mistakes along the way.

More advice for choosing a retirement business

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Small businesses are not risky

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Jun 102015

Is it really risky to start a small retirement business?

Small businesses are not riskyOften one reads in the newspapers or online that starting a small business is very risky because so many fail. For example, according to Forbes magazine 80% of small businesses fail in first 18 months. And Senator Rand Paul recently stated that 90% of businesses fail.  Many other articles say that 70% of small businesses fail in 5 years. Time and time again article writers pull out these statistics to warn you against starting a small business.


Small businesses are not risky

So where do these statistics come from?

Most such business articles are written by recent journalism graduates who have never owned or managed a business. Their stories are mostly published in media journals that concentrate on large companies, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal. These writers have never been responsible for selling a product, marketing a service, or even promoting their own book. These writers simply repeat what they have read in other articles written by other journalists like themselves. Frankly, they are lazy and so are their editors.

For example, the Bloomberg study that Forbes refers to was never written.  The story is simply not true. In fact, Bloomberg itself says that failure rates for small business are highly overstated.

Is there a failure rate among small businesses?

Of course there is. But the risk is greatly exaggerated. The truth is that small businesses are not risky.

Business “failure” rates are overinflated because they count as “failure” any business which simply “goes out of business”. One place where they get these numbers are from businesses that fail to renew their business licenses. They also get the number of “failures” from sole proprietors who no longer file  a Schedule C or corporations who stop filing an income tax return. Simply because a business is no longer functioning does not mean it was closed because it was a failure.

Some business owners sell their business to someone else or merge with another. Many people simply close a profitable business to pursue other interests, or to get a job, or they simply die. One cannot automatically assume that a business was a failure simply because it was closed down.

Another example. You might have made some money on eBay by selling all your old stuff. If you reported the income to the IRS one year and then decided not sell anything on eBay the next year, then your business will be considers as a failure – even if you made a ton of money on eBay.

So what is the REAL small business failure rate?

More reliable statistics come from various government agencies instead of anecdotes.

The US Bureau of Labor statistics, for example, says that 50% of small businesses survive 5 years and 1/3 survive 10 years and that these rate have changed little over time. That is very far from an 80-90% “failure” rate.

The Small Business Administration says that 66% will survive first 2 years. And according to SBA about 17% of the businesses were closed voluntarily. Only 33% of small businesses “failed” by going out of business against the owners’ wishes.

The truth is that starting a small business is not as risky as has been reported. In fact in the last decade small businesses have generated 60% to 80% of net new jobs. According to the SBA as many as 53% of small businesses are home-based. Many of these people do not bother to take out a business license and do not report themselves as sole proprietors on their IRS forms. Therefore, these small businesses are not in the statistics at all.

Many small businesses are a success.

Are any small retirement businesses risky?

Indeed, some businesses are more risky than others which is why we do not recommend them. For example, opening a restaurant or bar appears to be very risky as they go in and out of business. The National  Restaurant Association reports that 80% of independently owned eateries close within their first two years. (Although they call them all failures there are no studies on why they really closed.) We don’t suggest opening any barr, store-front,  or restaurant because these types of businesses do not meet our criteria for a retirement business.

You can greatly lower your risks of “failure” by offering a product or service that requires little investment and which allows you to work in your own time, where you want, and how you want. See our list of Best Retirement Business Ideas for some examples.

In conclusion – Small businesses are not risky if you start small and invest little capital.

Small businesses are a success not a risk.

 “The significant proportion of businesses that closed while successful calls into question the use of ‘business closure’ as a meaningful measure of business outcome. It appears that many owners may have executed a planned exit strategy, closed a business without excess debt, sold a viable business, or retired from the work force.”
– Brian Headd, economist for the Small Business Administration.

Read more about Small Business Risks.

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Jun 052015
Nick Loper has an interesting site called Side Hustle Nation where he lists

79 Side Hustle Business Ideas You Can Start Today


I really liked his ideas on Airbnb (renting out rooms to travelers and vacationers) and Uber (a new taxi service that individuals offer).

Don’t be put off by the words “side hustle”, he is not talking about anything shady or illegal. Side Hustle is the phrase he uses for a part-time job to supplement your full-time income. All his ideas are legitimate and worth looking into.

Actually he lists 94 side hustles not just 79. Also check out the Side Hustle Nation blogs for more business ideas that are suitable for your retirement.

If you are retired and looking for a way to earn some extra income, he has some very good ideas.

While many of his ideas require knowledge of computer technology like App Development or Computer Repair or special certification like Home Inspection, most of them would be ideal for someone looking for a “retirement business side hustle”.

Learn more about these “retirement business hustles” Side Hustle Nation Business Ideas (tell him that Joe Leonard from AEIOU.org sent you).

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Don’t clean someone’s home

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May 252015

If you are serious about starting a cleaning service retirement business then

Don’t clean homes

cleaning retirement business bucketThere are two main markets for a cleaning retirement business:

  • Residential
  • Commercial

Residential cleaning business

This is, perhaps, the easiest cleaning business to get started in. Mostly this consists of maid service like cleaning a house, cooking, laundry, and sweeping. Most homeowners hire low-income day workers paid by the hour without paying paid social security. These workers are subject to sudden last minute cancellations without any hope of lining up something else for that day. The income is not reliable and work is not steady. We don’t recommend it for a good cleaning retirement business.

In addition to maid service, homeowners also need grass cutting, landscaping, yard clearing, and trash hauling. This type of work is sporadic and often seasonal. There is a lot of competition doing this too.

One residential cleaning business which can be lucrative is carpet cleaning. However, you would be competing against many well-known franchise holders. It take a large capital investment and moving furniture so you can clean with a heavy machine might not be ideal for a retired senior.

Commercial cleaning business

vacuum for cleaning businessThis can be more lucrative that residential cleaning. To begin with you normally charge by the job and not the hour. The work is steadier and customers are not looking over your shoulder every minute to see if you are busy. (They will check you work, however.)

The big office buildings and major malls already are using large companies to do this work so that leaves you with small stores and professional offices. Many of theses commercial customers are tired of hiring part-time unreliable help and would welcome your professional services.

Janitorial services are the main services need. Cleaning and vacuuming floors, emptying waste baskets, and straightening merchandise.

Stay clear of any type of cleaning that requires specialized equipment or skills such as high-rise window washing, removing smoke damage from a fire, cleaning up after burst water pipes, or greasy garages.

What do you need to start a commercial cleaning retirement business?

This is an easy business to start. All you need to get started are a few mops, brooms, rags, buckets, and cleaning supplies. All available from Home Depot or Amazon.

Your biggest expense will be a truck to transport your equipment.

You can operate a commercial cleaning retirement business from your home, especially if you have a garage or basement space to store your supplies and equipment.

Find customers through word of mouth, Craigslist, Angie’s List, flyers, and posting on bulletin boards.

Read some good books on starting a cleaning retirement business, take a start a cleaning business course,  and check out this article on starting a cleaning retirement business step by step.

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Are you planning to live on your pension and savings?

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May 202015

Will you be financially set in your retirement? Or maybe not?

I survived retirement and so can you.


Most of us are told to work hard, save, invest, buy a house and then when it is time for retirement we can sit back and enjoy life with a few rounds of golf, gardening, vacations, and just doing what WE want for a change.

Unfortunately, for many of us it hasn’t worked out that way.

Take me for example.

I worked in the computer industry for many years, tried to save for retirement by putting my money into 401(k)s, bought a house, watched my expenses, and watched my spending.

As I was making plans to retire, sell my house, cash out my investment, and move to a cheaper and warmer climate, suddenly everything went wrong…

Read more about how to what went wrong about my retirement

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May 192015

The government is dirty

When you think of cleaning companies, you probably think of the big companies like ABM Industries, CleanNet USA Inc., Jan-Pro Franchising, ServiceMaster, and Stanley Steemer. These companies have sales in the billions while at the lowest end are mom and pop cleaning businesses making as little $20,000 net per year. They are the ones who clean the big offices and skyscrapers.

The type of cleaning business customer that you have will determine what you make.

  • Big customers pay the most.
  • Medium-sized offices and stores pay the average.
  • Small, independent businesses want to pay less.

But what about federal government customers?

Most small cleaning companies feel that they don’t stand a chance competing against the giant and medium-sized cleaning company competition. And they are right. The good news you don’t have to compete against them to get these contracts.

There is a little know program of the federal government called

Set-Asides for Small, Minority, and Woman owned cleaning companies.

And you don’t have to be the lowest bidder.

Why would you want to have a cleaning business contract with the federal government?

  • It is steady work as you don’t have to constantly find new work.
  • The number of small, minority, and woman owned competitors is very low.
  • The US federal government is the largest in the world.
  • The federal government actually pays very well.
  • There is a great likelihood that you can get an easy renewal.

There are some drawbacks, however.

  • It can take a long time to get approved and to win a bid.
  • The sales cycle can be long.
  • There is a lot of approval paperwork to fill out.
  • They pay slowly – but they always do pay.
  • You often have to be a subcontractor for a larger company.

How to get on the federal government’s cleaning bidders list

First you must prove that you have a small, minority, or woman owned business.

  • Small is usually determined by the number of employees that you don’t have.
  • A minority business is one owned by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans and Subcontinent Asian Americans. You can also qualify if your business is woman owned or you are economically disadvantage. See Small Business Administration guidelines on Minority Owned Businesses.
  • A woman owned business is one that is majority owned by a woman who could be the wife, single female, or widow.

There are other requirements too.

  • You need to get a Dun and Bradstreet number   and also register with the federal government’s System for Award Management program  .
  • You also need to know what the North American Industry Classification Code is for cleaning services. Look no further it is 561720.

How to find out about bid opportunities.

Subscribe to the free federal government publication notice called Federal Business Opportunity    or go online to read about opportunities in the Fed Biz Opps section  and enter what your location and what you are looking for.

And finally get your business listed on the U.S General Services Administration  so that federal government offices can contact you.

Don’t forget that some states also have similar programs. Search the Internet for small business set aside for your state. And contact your local government agencies too.

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News sources for retirement businesses

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May 182015
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Would you like to make more per hour in retirement than your pension?

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May 142015

How much are your receiving from your pension*?

Most of us will answer.

N O T    E N O U G H

handyman retirement businessSo why not start a Handyman Retirement Business?

Almost all homeowners need someone to make those little repairs around the house that they don’t know how to do or simply don’t want to do.

How much are they willing to pay for a handyman to do it for them?

Average Handyman charges USD $74.18 per hour

According to Angie´s list their members are paying an average of $74.18 per hour for handyman cost ranging from $67.19 to $81.17.

This is much more than you might currently be receiving from your Canadian Pension or US Social Security*.

How do you charge for handyman services?

You can charge by the hour or by the job. And you can also purchase the materials and charge for them too.

Charging by the Hour:

If the job is simple like repairing a leaky faucet or restarting the furnace, you can charge by the hour. And don’t forget to charge for mileage if out of your normal area and for “emergency” or after normal working hours or weekends or holidays. Be sure to charge for your time and material (add a percentage to the item) to go to Home Depot for parts or materials.

Charge by the Job:

If the job is more involved, you should fix bid the contract with a 50% down payment. Be sure to put every little detail into a written contract before beginning the job. If a customer objects to your price, show them how they can say money by doing part of the work themselves, such as hauling away debris, moving furniture, going to buy materials alone, painting, or preparation work.

In addition to making a good income, there are:

More reasons why you should start a Handyman Retirement Business

  • Challenging

Working for yourself is a challenge as you will learn a lot of new skills that will keep you mentally and physically alert.

  • Freedom

You decide when you want to work, where you want to work, what jobs you are willing to do, and what price you want to charge.

  • Work environment

If you like variety, meeting people, and getting out of the house this could be ideal. Unlike a job, you don’t have to be at the same place every day doing the same thing over and over again.

Here is some more information on a Handyman Retirement Business.


* How much are you receiving from your government’s retirement pension plan?

Canada – The average Canadian Pension monthly payment is CAD $1,065 per month or CAD $6 per hour.
USA – The average Security monthly payment is USD $1,219 per month or just USD $7 per hour.

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May 122015

office-cleaningIf you have decided to start a cleaning business for your retirement income, here are some steps to consider before you begin.

  • Business Structure
  • Business name
  • Business License
  • Bond
  • Insurance
  • References
  • Banking Account
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Learning

More information in Cleaning Retirement Business Books

Business Structure

See this list which describes the many business structures around the world.

United States

In the United States you can operate in many forms such as:

  • Sole proprietorship -A business with a single owner. You can use your own name or a DBA (see below).
  • General partnership – All partners are jointly and separately liable for the debts of the partnership. You can do this is most states without filing your partnership agreement.
  • Limited Partnership – At least one partner, the general partner, has unlimited liability. And one or more partners have limited liability.
  • Other Partnerships – LLP (limited liability partnership; LLLP (limited liability limited partnership); LLC, LC, Ltd. Co.; PLLC (professional limited liability company.
  • Corporation – These are available in all states with titles like Corporation, Corp. Inc., Co. etc.


You can operate (Canada) as in many forms too.

  • Sole Proprietorship – requires no formal business structure.
  • General Partnership – can have a formal or informal partnership agreement according to the Partnership Act
  • Limited Partnership – This limits both the liability and the participation of the passive partner with the active general partner exposed to unlimited liability.
  • There are other forms like a Joint Venture and Co-op. We suggest checking with an accountant and a lawyer.

Choose your business structure first as it determines your business name.

Business name

At least in Canada and the United States, you can use your own name for the name of the business such as “Smith’s Cleaning Service” without any special permission from your government.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doing_business_as for other countries.

However, that does not usually sound very professional. Depending on your business legal structure names like “Smith’s Cleaning Service Company” or “Smith’s Cleaning Service Inc.” are better choices.

You can also use a business name that is different from the person’s or entity’s true name.  These are called DBAs – Doing Business As.  DBAs can be any type of business structure.  Usually you need to register your DBA with your state government or province to get a unique name. See

If a name is already taken in your state or province than you cannot use it. Likewise, trademarks cannot also be used.

So don’t call your company “Smith’s ServiceMaster Cleaning Company, Inc.” unless you really hold a franchise from ServiceMaster and they have given you permission to use their name.  Although we don’t suggest a franchise for a retirement business, it doesn’t hurt to check out what these types of companies offer. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/219678

Business License

First you need a business license. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_license

The business license will show business name and address that you selected for your business structure and any DBAs that you might be using. This is obtained from various governmental agencies. It is usually your city hall. So start there first.

In the USA check with the Small Business Association for a list of government agencies that issue business licenses.


In Canada check BizPal


You need a business license to be legal and give confidence to your customers. You will also need it to pay local taxes. It is also useful to convince tax authorities that you are entitled to take business deductions because you have a real business and not just a hobby.  Every business structure needs a business license.

The fees for a business license are typically USD $30 or so. Be aware that some governmental authorities will NOT issue you a business license if your address is in a non-commercial area (i.e. your residence). If this is so, consider getting a United Parcel Service address. In fact, it is good to have a UPS address in general.

Some authorities also might require you to place an advertisement in a “newspaper of record” announcing your business. There is no need to pay for an ad in a major newspaper. There are often smaller and cheaper alternatives.

Also check if there are any special training or certifications requirements for running cleaning services. Generally there are not. But ask anyway.


Consider purchasing a bond from your local insurance agency. Many customers will ask if you are bonded. A bond is insurance that covers you in case you damage a customer’s premises, furniture or use defective procedures or other license law violations. It can also cover you for theft and if you have not paid employees or subcontractors. Buy from your local insurance agent. It should be about USD $100 per year or so.


Personal liability Insurance is different than a bond as it  a form of liability insurance that helps protect  service -providing individuals and companies from bearing the full cost of defending against a negligence claim made by a client, and damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit. The coverage focuses on alleged failure to perform on the part of, financial loss caused by, and error or omission in the service or product sold by the policyholder.


If you are just starting out you will not, of course, have any references. However, you can ask to use the names of friends, neighbors, or relatives. Most customers never call references.

Banking Account

It is a good practice to open a separate business banking account. You will also need to accept credit cards so open a Merchant account and / or a PayPal account.


You probably don’t need an accountant starting out but at least invest in some good books and accounting software.


Get to know a good lawyer, just in case.


You should be using a computer with a sales tracking system, appointment scheduler, invoicing, and to-do list to keep track of your business. A web site is also a must in today’s marketplace.


To start invest in some good business cards and brochure.


Read up on how to operate a Cleaning Retirement Business for more ideas.

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Are you retired or still working?

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Apr 132015

Do you really want to work for more retirement income?

work for more retirement incomeMany seniors arrive at retirement age and, for perhaps the first time, they take a good look at what funds they have. And there isn’t as much there as they thought. They soon decide that the Life of Reilly might not be for them.

  • Savings are not that high.
  • Social Security payment are nowhere near as much as they thought.
  • The value of their house has not recovered much since the real estate bubble burst.
  • Their existing debt is too high.
  • They thought that their 401k would have performed better.

In short, many retirees find out that they just won’t be able to live the lifestyle in retirement that they hoped and that they might have to go back to work or continue to work in order to have more retirement income.

So what are your options to earn more retirement money?

There are only a few ways to get more money:

  • Inherit from someone. Do you know where to find a wealthy widow or widower?
  • Rob a bank. Not recommended.
  • Borrow it. You might find that lenders aren’t too happy to loan money to an older person with little prospect to earn more money.
  • Win at gambling. Lots of luck.
  • Earn more from capital loans, real estate, stocks, bonds, or other investments. If you got a large nest egg and know what you are doing, go for it. Most of us don’t.
  • Sell your possessions. Unfortunately many of us don’t have much of value to sell. Even a business that was highly depended on us might not be worth much if we aren’t going to be there. Of course, if you have some jewels, art work, and such then this might be your salvation.
  • Go back to work for someone else. Unfortunately, unless you have a high in demand, jobs for seniors don’t pay well. The work available is monotonous, and there is no room for advancement. Getting a job also means giving up on your retirement dreams.
  • Start your own retirement business. On this web site, I am suggesting that you consider starting your own Retirement Business. (Check out of list of best ideas for starting a business in retirement.)

However, don’t just start any type of business. You need a business that still allows you to enjoy your retirement.

12 things to consider before starting a retirement business

without giving up your retirement freedom.

  1. Stay away from a business that requires physical exertion. You are not as young as you used to be.
  2. Don’t get tied down to a 40 hour week by opening a restaurant or store front.
  3. Think about what you always dreamed of doing but never did.
  4. Remember that you are looking for part-time, supplemental income. Don’t try to start another Microsoft.
  5. Do you want to sell something or offer a service? If a product, will you make it or buy it? If a service, can you perform the work or can you sub-contract it? Remember you don’t want to start having the responsibility of employees.
  6. Will you have fun or are you just after the money?
  7. What do you know that you can offer, teach, or write about?
  8. Why would anyone buy products or services from you at your age? What is unique?
  9. How much money and effort do you want to put forth?
  10. Is there a need for your product or service? Or do not care and just want to pursue a hobby?
  11. Are there any competitors? If not, maybe no one wants what you offer.
  12. Can you beat your competitors on price, service, convenience, marketing.

Check out these articles:

Will Your Retirement Income Be Enough?

Why Work In Retirement?

The Reals Reasons more People are Working in Retirement

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Apr 102015

home retirement businessHere are some things to consider before you start your home retirement business:

 1. Your income – The first step before you start a retirement business is to admit to yourself that the money that you have saved, your investments, your house equity, and paid-for car together with your government pension is all the funds that you have. At your age you will NOT be getting another job that pays anywhere near what you used to make. There still exists lots of age discrimination for jobs. Starting a retirement business is not a hobby, it is a serious business and you best option for a better retirement.

 2. Economize – If you have a mortgage, family, debts, and other obligations you need to get them in order so that you can live just on your pension. It helps if your spouse is still working too. Sell what you don’t need. Move. Cancel subscriptions. Live cheaper so that you can afford to launch your retirement business successfully.

 3. Failure – A lot of small businesses fail in the first two years. However, most of these businesses were full-time and the sole support of the owner. You are retired and your retirement business does not need to support you. It only needs to supplement your income.

 4. Not easy – Working from home is not always easy. It can be stressful. You can waste a lot of working time talking to your relatives, watching TV, reviewing your Facebook, or just loafing. After all isn’t that what retirement is for? When you had a boss, he / she kept your nose to the grindstone. When you are the boss, you need to set aside “working” time and not allow for any interruptions.

 5. Slow going – There is no overnight success or get-rich-quick formula. Anyone promising that is just taking your money to sell you the “secret”. There are lots of scams targeting retirees.

 6. Risk – There is no safety net. If you invest a lot of money, you can lose a lot of money.

 7. Start up money – It also takes some money to start a retirement business. You might need a web site, learning courses, how to books, marketing funds, money to purchase initial products, etc. This site does NOT recommend hiring employees, opening a store front, buying a franchise, or trying to be the next Microsoft.

 8. Work – You have to go back to work again. Thankfully, you can put in the hours that you want. You are the boss. It can be stressful as you have to learn how to do everything from preforming the service, buying or making your product, marketing, and accounting. Fortunately, much of this can be farmed out to freelancers. But you will have to learn how to manage your business and think like an owner and not an employee.

Video: From $100,00 per year to flipping hamburgers

Enough of the negatives. Here are some positive

Benefits from operating your retirement business from home

 9. Hours – You set your own hours. You work when you want for as long (or short) as you want if you follow the advice on this website and avoid starting any business that ties you down to a fixed time schedule such as a bed and breakfast, restaurant, or store front. Also don’t hire employees that need you need to manage. Outsource anything that you don’t know how to do or that you don’t want to do yourself.

10. Flexible – You stop work to see a movie, go to the beach, or play golf and then work longer in the evening of the next day. It doesn’t matter when you work.

11. Location – Many of the Best Retirement Business Ideas on this website do not require you to be in a fixed location. You can work from your existing house, while on vacation, or anywhere in the world.

12. Ownership – It’s your business. The credit and blame for its success is all yours. If you don’t like what you are doing, you can decide to go in another direction. The work you do benefits mainly you and yours.

13. Politics – You don’t have to play office politics to get ahead. You get “promoted” on your own merit. You also might be surprised how much you can accomplish in a day when you don’t have co-workers to waste time with around a water cooler.

14. Money – People in business for themselves generally make more money than employees make. If you want a raise just work harder or smarter or longer.

15. Experience – It helps if you already have a skill or knowledge that you can convert into a Home Retirement Business. But it is not necessary. Just check out some of these ideas for a home retirement business.

Some Tips for Starting a Work from Home Retirement Business

16. Decide – What you really want to do? Check out our list of Best Retirement Business Ideas.

17. Research the market – Are there others doing the same thing? If so, analyze what they are doing right or wrong. If no one is doing what you are proposing to do, why not? Maybe it’s a good idea whose time has come or a good idea that takes too long to educate buyers.

18. Education – Learn all you can about the business. Read books. Take courses. Be a buyer of the competition. Look for ideas on starting a business in retirement.

19. Goal – Make an attainable small goal in terms of money, clients, or accomplishments to do by a certain date.

20. NOW JUST DO IT – Don’t procrastinate any more. You will never get it right. You will never learn enough. You will never be completely ready. You don’t need perfection – just be good enough. Your first attempt will probably fail anyway. You will have to change as you learn by doing. Just stick your foot in the water without investing all your savings and drowning.

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Mar 202015

What this web site is all about.

Travel Agent Courses from the Travel Agent Academy

Travel-Agent-AcademyIf you are thinking of starting a Travel Agency Retirement Business check out these


Here is a review of courses from the Travel Agent Academy.

  • Destinations – Learn how to sell vacations in
    • Cancun – The brand new Cancun Tourism Institute has with a wealth of resources, training courses and a rewards program. You will be a Cancun Specialist in no time.
    • Chile – Are you selling South America’s most remarkable and diverse nation? Chile news, training, deals, resources, direct client referrals. Get started today with  the Travel Agent Academy!
    • Ecuador – Discover Ecuador: Become an Ecuador Specialist Today with Travel Agent Academy!
    • Europe – Take a look at the new European Quartet Campus! Increase your knowledge on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.
    • Honduras – This is Honduras, where land meets sea and the fire of cultures past and present shines brightly. Discover with your fellow agents a land where wonder is limited only by imagination.
    • Israel – Some 3.5 million tourists visited Israel in 2012, more than ever before in the country’s 65-year history. The Israel Specialist program is designed to assist you in appealing to Israel’s three primary markets.
    • Japan – “Tour” Japan’s modern and ancient attractions – a natural beauty all its own; historic monuments, castles and shrines; pop culture and more.
    • Jordan – Explore how Jordan, which once captivated ancient travelers, continues to enthrall a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation.
    • Mexico – Are you Mexico-Fluent? Ready to sell the most popular international destination for American vacationers?
    • Malta – Malta is packed with pleasures: ancient towns and archaeological sites; expansive beaches and spectacular scenic vistas; award-winning diving experiences, and much more.
    • Morocco – Morocco’s allure is so strong, it’s likely to ensure that your clients’ first trip will be one of many. Become a Morocco Champion today!
    • Peru – The all-new Peru Agent Specialist features dynamic news, package deals, educational courses, plus videos, webinars, maps, and so much more.
    • Puerto Rico – 2011 HSMAI Winner – Visit the new Puerto Rico Travel Expert Campus, pass the General Courses (Chapters 1-4) and gain access to the exciting Incentives/Rewards program and Master’s Course.
    • South Africa – This exciting course guides you in selling South Africa, as well as giving you the tools to secure that booking.
    • Sud de France – Discover the Languedoc-Roussillon region, this mountainous, sun-drenched region kissing Spain and hugging the southernmost curve of the Mediterranean Sea. Complete the online training and become eligible for a FAM trip (For agents based in the United States and Canada only).
    • Switzerland – Welcome to the new Switzerland Advisor program (Gold level). Switzerland is one of the best destinations for travelers looking for active vacations, unforgettable experiences and unique accommodation.
  • Cruises – Courses on selling Windstar and River cruises.
  • Hotels – Sell Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas, Mexan Hotels, Hotel Riu, and more.
  • Tours – Learn about  the USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association) tours and vacation packages
  • and more about the Travel Agent Academy Courses
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Mar 192015

Work at Home Scams to Avoid

WWorking at home is the best way to start your Retirement Business. And there are many people looking for information on how to do it.

But there are also many scams to be careful of.

Many are simply a con game that promises much and give you nothing. Others are just selling worthless courses for poor money making opportunities.

Hopefully this site will help you get started with the Best Retirement Business Ideas.

Legitimate work at home ideas will not:

  • Promise to make your rich quick
  • Tell you that clients will automatically come to you
  • That you don’t have to do any selling

Typical work at home jobs are:

  1. Call Centers and / or Data Entry – This is really a JOB in which you answer telephone calls from customers or input information into their database online. This is NOT the type of retirement business I suggest on this web site. You can make money at this with legitimate companies but they expect high productivity, more than part-time hours, and lots of stress. Most companies have their own systems so you don’t need to pay to take a course.
  2. Cashing Checks – Everyone has seen the Nigerian scheme whereby a so-called crooked minister of the Nigerian government has died and relatives need your help to get money out of foreign banks. All you need to do is deposit a check from their bank in Nigeria into your bank and then wire the funds to another foreign bank keeping 10 to 20% for yourself. The problem is that the check ill bounce long after you have withdrawn funds from your bank.
  3. Get Rich Quick on the Internet – The only ones making money are those selling the courses, “secrets”, and training programs. Making money on the Internet takes – technical knowledge – high traffic – unique products not available elsewhere. There are opportunities like selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or starting you own website. But it will take time and work. There are no “secrets”.
  4. Home Envelope Stuffing – This old scam used to be advertised in the back of magazines but is now quite common on the Internet. No one will pay you to stuff envelopes. Printers do that now with automatic machines. Doing it by hand is just not efficient or fast enough.
  5. Medical Billing – It is no secret that doctors are very poor at collecting bill from insurance companies and patients. But it is a complicated field to learn. Most companies are offering very poor courses while promising high profits. Only former nurses or medical accountant / bookkeepers should consider this retirement business.
  6. Multi-Level Marketing – In my opinion on super salespeople can make money at this. You don’t make money in MLM by selling products. You make money by selling others (your down line) on the idea that THEY can make money by joining your network and … selling others on the idea of joining their down line. It the concentration is on MLM stay clear. Of course, selling legitimate products like Avon where you are supposed to make money with the products is different. Also many of the products from MLM are overpriced, overpromised, of poor quality and most people wind up with a garage full of inventory that they can’t sell to anyone after they have sold to their friends and family (who probably bought just to “help you out” but really didn’t want the products.).
  7. Mystery Shopper – You are paid to visit stores and restaurants and report on how well you were treated. This is legitimate if you like getting free lunches, groceries, and clothes but most companies will not pay very much money for the time spent.
  8. Online Surveys – This is not always a scam but the pay is so poor for the hours that you need to work to contact people that I can’t recommend it. Likewise being paid to answer surveys pays poorly. The worst is being willing to talk to an attorney about an upcoming case. They pay about USD $10 for an hours chat and you get very few calls.
  9. Processing Rebates Scam – This involves making money just by filling out rebate forms. The catch is that you need to spend USD $100 to USD $200 to take their course, get their training materials, or join the mentor program. What you get is no more than you could learn by buying a book on Processing Rebates at any book store or Amazon.
  10. Pyramid Schemes – These promise you high interest rates of return on your money by giving you some of the money from previous clients to pay you. However, in the end, they are unable to repay the principal and disappear living most clients poorer for the experience.
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Mar 182015

A list of steps to take to leverage your skills into a consulting retirement business.

consultingPut your skills and experience to use. You know how to do something well. Why not make that your retirement business?

See our Big list of Business Ideas for Retirement

  1. Consultant – You have many years of experience. You know what works and how to do your job. Why not start teaching your skills to others who are now in the same job that you used to have. Read more about a Consulting Retirement Business.
  2. Speaker – Many professional organizations need speakers for their events. Work up a good how-to-do-it speech and enhance your reputation. Be sure to bring along brochures pitching your consulting services.
  3. Web site – Start an online business by selling your expertise. Offer books written by others with review. Sign onto Clickbank or Commission Junction to get affiliate products. Pat Flynn made a fortune teaching people how to get licensed as a security guard.
  4. Blog – One way to get the word out about your services is to start a blog.
  5. Training – There are many legitimate courses available to learn about consulting.
  6. Write a bookAmazon has now made it easy to write a book either an eBook or an on-demand paperback book.
  7. Do it now – The biggest obstacle is to procrastinate. Start small but do it now. You can always change course later as you learn.
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Mar 172015

 Start a Travel Agency or Travel Service

Start a Retirement Business Travel Service

If you are considering starting an Adventure Vacations Retirement Business
or a starting a travel agency, then you might check out some examples of the types of retirement travel business that you can start.

Start a Retirement Business Travel Service

customers to look for:

  • Academic – Trips to improve foreign language skills
  • Adventure – Eco tour to Costa Rica, mountain climbing, river rafting, cultural experiences
  • Business travelers – Maybe a trip to China or Mexico to explore business opportunities
  • Complex trips – Trips with multiple stops to visit Asia, Europe, South America for those without skills in booking on the Internet
  • Cruises – for first timers
  • Families – Take a dozen families to Disneyland (California), Disney World (Florida) or Disney Tokyo or Paris
  • First-time cruisers who don’t know where to begin
  • Honeymooners – Cruises to Puerto Vallarta including the entire wedding ceremony
  • People relocating ––For European business people moving to work in North America
  • People who need help planning the many facets of a complex trip
  • Retired people and snowbirds – Orientation trips including talks by financial advisors, real estate, tips on schools (often done for people retiring in Mexico)
  • Singles – Travel package to exotic places like Bangkok, Mediterranean, Ocho Rios
  • Specialty travelers – Tours for disabled, hobbyist, sports fans

How much can you earn if you start a retirement business travel service?

Although the demand for these travel agency services is huge, it can take some time to build a clientele.

You earn money from commissions paid bookings and from fees that you charge to your customers. (Note that many airlines no longer pay commissions to travel agents, so you should tack on an airline booking fee.)

Most commissions range from 10 to 15 percent of the net cost of the product. Some cruise companies will pay 18 to 20 percent or give you a free trip. Of course, if you sell a package tour, then you can set your own prices.

Most full-time travel agents earn about USD $30,000 per year. The lowest earn under $18,000 and the top 10 percent can earn more than $45,000. However, these numbers are for store front travel agent and a home base agency has much lower overhead and, there for the potential, to earn more.

Check out this article on Travel Weekly magazine on

$100,000 agent reveals blueprint for success

What types of travel agency retirement business services should you offer?

  • Advise customers on visas and passport
  • All inclusive services for all travel needs
  • Become a tour leader
  • Become a travel insurance agent
  • Book hotel rooms
  • Create schedules and itineraries
  • Getting you clients the best prices and options
  • Inform clients about travel tips and advisories
  • Look into medical tourism
  • Promote events like wedding tours
  • Put together tour packages
  • Reserve airline seats
  • Select rental cars
  • Sell cruises and the cruise tours
  • Sell tickets to attractions

Also check out our article on Adventure Vacations Retirement Business which has more information on how to start a retirement business travel service. And check here for a Big List of the Best Retirement Business Ideas.

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Mar 152015

stop work-at-home scams10 Scams to avoid for work at home businesses

When you are retired and looking for a retirement business, wouldn’t it be nice to just work from your home? And it is possible. Just check out these ideas for legitimate work (not work-at-home scams) for a home retirement businesses:

However, you need to be alert because lots of  phony work-at-home scams sites know that many people want to work from home and are out to take your money. The number one complaint according to the government is work-at-home scams.

Here are 10 tips on how to avoid work-at-home scams

  1. Ads. Legitimate work-at-home retirement businesses are rarely promoted through paid or sponsored ads on Ask, Bing, Google, or Yahoo.
  2. Check Them Out. Go to their website. Does it look professional or is it just a big sales pitch? Do they have only a Hotmail, Yahoo, or other free email address? Ask yourself why? Many scammers only give you a contact form to fill out.
  3. Claims. Some scammers display logos of well-known sites like the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, or Microsoft claiming that these are clients or that they approve of their offering. But then they offer no links. They are trying to appear more trustworthy when they are not.
  4. Contact Information. If a company doesn’t list their company name, address, city, country, or phone number – then watch out! This is probably another work-at-home scams. Many of these companies are fly-by-night and will be gone tomorrow with your money.
  5. Details. Read their web page carefully. If they are long on promises but short on details of exactly what you have to do to earn money, more than likely they are only trying to sell something and have nothing real to offer.
  6. Emotional Pitch. If they show images of fancy cars, big house, vacationing in exotic locals, you need to use your common sense. Legitimate work-at-home plans make modest claims.
  7. Get Rich. If they promise more money than you ever dreamed was possible, it is most likely a dream and not possible. You’re not going to get rich working from home. At the most, you can supplement your retirement income to buy a few extras.
  8. Google Search. Look up their name in Google. You might be surprised about the number of complaints. Just type “ABC Company work-at-home scams fraud” and see what comes up.
  9. High Pressure. “Only 12 hours left to join”, “Limited time offer”, “Only 100 courses will be offered”. Why the rush? They are high pressuring you. If the offer is good today, it will be good tomorrow.
  10. Not a Scam. Anyone who continues to point out that their program is not a scam probably is just another work-at-home scams after all.
    Secrets. There are no “secrets” to making money. You can find most answers on how to start a r work-at-home business for retirement on the Internet or through books. Don’t pay a fortune for fancy course, DVDs, and mentoring.
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Jul 262014

Start one of these retirement businesses

by Joe Leonard

MSN MoneyThe web site MSN Money offers some good tips on choosing a retirement business.

  • Choose an idea you’ll follow through on.
  • Identify your goals.
  • Think about your past experience and skills.
  • Do you want to leverage past experience or break new ground?
  • Determine your risk
  • Pick a Retirement Business that fits your life style

1) Life or business coach

Take a course from an institute such as Business Coaching Certified and then join the International Coach Federation.

Also check out the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches for more information as this site is most suited to an older person who rose to the top of a company or organization. Also see my web page on a Consulting Retirement Business.

2) Retirement financial planner

I have a web page on a Tax Filing and Preparation Retirement Business. This article goes one step further into financial planning. According to the article, some 40% of working Americans said they will never afford retirement. A retirement financial planner can better those odds by offering investment and savings strategies, guidance on when to begin receiving Social Security benefits and other services. Other important issues can also be addressed, such as Medicare coverage, housing options and long-term care insurance. They suggest contacting the College for Financial Planning  to become a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor or Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist. Start with this Social Security Retirement Guide.

3) Event planner

If you planned your own children’s wedding (or you own), you can show others how to plan other events such from conferences to lavish dinners. You also need to be very aware of your limitations. There’s a lot of pressure that goes with making sure everything is right.

4) Home stager

This article is a bit more than just offering a Cleaning Service Retirement Business by suggesting that you suggest also prep and beautify homes before they go on the market for sale.  You can also suggest ways to rearrange furniture and offer decorating ideas and other strategies to better a home’s presentation both inside and out. The article fails to mention where to find customers, but I would think letting real estate brokers know of your services would be a good place to start. If you not sure about home decorating check out this Home Decorating Made Easy Course.

5) Bed and breakfast operator

This type of business takes a major investment in money, time, and effort. You will probably also need employees. This is a full time commitment which is not the focus of this web site. Not a good idea for a retirement business.

6) Cleaning service provider

As the article mentions start up costs are very low. They suggest starting with homeowners and offering cleaning products in addition to cleaning services. And important point is the if your start a Cleaning Service Retirement Business consider you physical condition if you don’t want to climb ladders  and make it clear you’re not going to climb a ladder to scrub outside windows and gutters.

7) Home inspector

Most home buyers today are hiring a home inspector before buying. If you have previous experience in the construction or real estate industry a Home Inspector Retirement Business could be ideal.  You can do everything from complete home examinations to testing for radon and other contaminants. Also check out the Home Renovation Part 1.

8) Etsy-based business operator

Etsy is an e-commerce similar to the eBay Retirement Business but it focuses on handmade or vintage items, supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. This is just one additional market for your Antiques Retirement Business. You can sell your old art, photography, clothing, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks, and toys providing you have made them or they are 20 years old or more. Visit the Etsy website for more information.

9) Daycare provider

A Daycare Retirement Business used to be a great idea. However, many localities now requirement certification, training, and even modifications to your home if that is where you want to operate. Moreover, running a daycare requires you to be in a fixed location for a fixed number of hours and you will probably need an employee or partner as you don’t want the liability of leaving young children alone while you go to the bathroom or in another room. They require constant attention. My advice is that a Daycare Retirement Business is not a good choice.

10) Tutor

I have a web page on starting a Tutoring Retirement Business. They suggest looking into the Tutor Village which is a network of tutors. Don’t limit yourself to just academic subject either. Also check out Tutoring in Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities Part 2.


Coming soon…Part 4 of Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities

From the article – 10 business ideas for retirees according to MSN Money.

This is PART 3 of Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities. (Click here for Part 1 or Part 2)

More blog posts on AEIOU Retirement Businesses

Jun 202014

Check out some new business ideas for retirees

bright-ideasBusiness News Daily has recently posted an article on starting a business in retirement. I’d like to make some comments about their suggestions.

  • Consulting and coaching
  • Start a mastermind group
  • Service-based businesses
  • Entrepreneurial support services
  • Online businesses

Consulting and coaching

I have converted starting a Consulting Retirement Business elsewhere on this web site. In this article they suggest leveraging your skill from previous jobs and from your life lessons which is, of course, a good idea. They also include teaching and tutoring as well as writing as a retirement business but do not mention starting a blog. A key question that the author asks you to consider is how much time to you want to devote to this and do you want to work from a fixed location or virtually? You need to determine if your customers can afford to pay you. Don’t start a hobby or charitable endeavor but an actual business.

Start a mastermind group

They suggest that if you have a large network of business contacts you could start a mastermind retirement business whereby you host meetings among your contacts to share ideas perhaps on a monthly basis. This could also be done online with live audio and video. Of course, you need to charge a membership fee for your efforts in organizing and hosting the events. They claim that you could earn as much as $1,500 a month from such a group. I would suggest setting up your own membership web site too.

Service-based businesses

There are really only four things that you can do to earn extra retirement business income.

  • Live off investments or rental property which is not what this site is all about
  • Work for someone else full or part-time
  • Supply a service either yourself or using others in your own retirement business
  • Sell a product through your retirement business that you make or buy elsewhere

They suggest that handyman services, tutoring or pet sitting aren’t the only retirement businesses that you can start. Some of the options are eldercare services by helping older people with cooking, errands, housekeeping, and shopping.

Entrepreneurial support services

This is a new idea that I like (and, in fact, I hope that is what I am doing on this web site). Lots of people who are approaching retirement or are already retired are thinking of starting a retirement business. For example, you could help with management, marketing, brochures, logos, financial accounting, bookkeeper or consultant.

Online businesses

Being online in itself is not a retirement business, it is simply a new and unique way to sell your products or services or just explain what you do. But first you need to decide on what product or service you want to sell, who will be your customers, how can you reach them, and THEN decide if any of this can be done online. This web site mainly concentrates on retirement businesses that you do not rely on selling via the internet – only a simple web site to announce who you are and what you do to build confidence in your clients. Selling online requires a lot of technical skills, in my opinion.

Links on smart business ideas for retirees:

5 Smart Business Ideas for Retirees
7 Reasons to Start a Mastermind Group
How to Quickly Start an Online Business
Mastermind Group Blueprint: How to Start, Run and Profit from one
My LifeStyle Career
New Business Idea? How to Test Before Launching
New York Life Center for Retirement Income
Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement
Tobe Brockner
Thrive!! Inc

This post is a comment on an article in Business News Daily.

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Jun 042014

Retirees stay away from stock marketMany people who are looking for extra income in retirement are considering starting their own retirement business. There are about 25 million Americans nearing retirement age who state that they want to start their own business. But how should you start?

Here are some steps to consider:

  1. What is more important to you?
    • Where you will live?
    • The hours you want to work?
    • The amount of money you need to have?
    • Type of business you’d like to start?
    • Doing something to fit your skills?
  2. What type of retirement business suits your personality?
    • Do you enjoy working with people or things?
    • Do you like to sell or make a product / offer a service?
    • How much stress can you support?
    • Do you prefer physical or mental work?
  3. Then develop a plan.
    • What are your personal goals, budget, family needs, resources, knowledge, etc.?
  4. Learn all you can about your future business.
    • Consider working part-time for a few weeks in a similar business to learn.
  5. Lastly, take action. There comes a time when you just have to do it.
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Jun 032014

When you first consider going into a Consulting Retirement Business, where will you get your first customer?

Why not start right where you are with your current or previous employer, or with the competition, or in a similar industry?

These are some of the easiest clients that you could have right away.

Consult for your previous employer

Before leaving your present job (or even after), approach your boss and offer your services on a consultant basis. You know the products, services, customers, industry, and competition. It would be much better to hire you as a consultant that train someone else. Remember, you want to be a consultant .- not just work some part-time hours.

What could you do?

  • You could train new employees.
  • Explain company policies to existing staff.
  • Interview prospective new employees or recruit.
  • Come in to replace someone on vacation.

Also current employees are often very reluctant to offer criticism or advice when employed. You could offer a perspective on how things might be better without a bias.

Consult for the competition

If your previous company is not interested in working with you, approach the competition.

They might be very interested in getting some fresh opinions and advice on how to improve their company. They might like to learn just what the competition thinks are their weaknesses and strengths. Just be sure that they don’t pick your brains during the interview. Make it clear that you want to be a continuing consultant and that you are not looking for a full-time job. And if you are not violating any non-compete agreements, you should have no problems.

Consult in another similar industry

If the above doesn’t work, then look into taking your skills and experience to another rapidly growing industry in a similar field or allied industry.

And finally, check out my write-up on starting a Consultant Retirement Business.

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May 212014

Can you sew? Or would you like to learn how?It’s not that hard to start making extra income with sewing skills. There are hundreds of things that you could make … and sell.

sewingHere are some tips on how to start making money with your own sewing retirement business.

  • Choir robes – contact churches
  • Clothes designer. You can custom make:
  • Clothes for handicapped individuals
  • Costumes – sell in stores
  • Custom sewing – is making clothes for others. Work with a fabric store. Offer to make clothes from the patterns and fabrics that their customers buy.
  • Dance wear – ask around dance studios
  • Formal wear
  • High couture clothing
  • Home items. You could make bed covers, bed covers, crafts, curtains, drapes, pillows, slipcovers, table cloths, toys, Bags
  • Intimate apparel
  • Men’s wear
  • Pets. Specialize in clothes for pets such as blankets, beds, and hats.
  • Plus-sized clothing
  • School uniforms – work with a private school
  • Sell information – Put together pamphlets and booklets on sewing tips for specific items.  You can sell patterns, instructions, and even complete kits. Often fabric stores only sell patterns. But you could bundle in the fabric and all the materials too. Buy wholesale from the same fabric store and resell through them, on with flyers, or contacting sewing machine stores. This can work very well for Halloween costumes.
  • Sew for weddings. You can save clients hundreds of dollars by making all the clothes for a wedding.
  • Sewing supplies – Often sewing supplies are imported from Asia and are of poor quality. Make some better supplies or purchase existing ones but put them into a kit.
  • Start a sewing club – Teach others to sew. You can get students by partnering with a fabric store. They usually have a meeting room that you can use and a sewing machine for each student.
  • Teach a class – Most community colleges are looking for instructors who can teach adults new skills. You don’t need academic credentials if you know what you are doing. Also libraries, schools, community centers, senior centers, and stores would let you teach. Require that each student bring their own sewing machine with them. You can sell the fabric needed for the class too as well as books.
  • Women’s wear

Check out this page on a Retirement Sewing Business.

I’ve also added a page on sewing books and courses to get you started.

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Apr 292014
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Mar 302014

Before reading further, PLEASE CONSULT LEGAL ADVICE.

retirement-fundsRollovers as Business Start Ups

by Joe Leonard

On this website I have advised that you start small and not risk your retirement funds. However, if you need some of those funds to start your Retirement Business and you are concerned about having to pay heavy taxes for withdrawing them – there is one little know secret called Rollovers as Business Start Ups (ROBS) which could help you avoid paying any taxes and avoid even the 10% penalty for early withdrawal.

Here are the steps:

  1. Form a regular C corporation.
  2. Have your corporation start a qualified retirement plan.
  3. Rollover your pretax retirement 401(k) and IRA fund to this new retirement plan.
  4. Then the retirement plan can invest its funds in the purchase of stock in your corporation.
  5. Now your corporation has funds to use in your retirement business.

Drawbacks: Unless you are an expert you might have to pay hefty fees for help in setting up a qualified retirement plan. You can’t use Roth accounts because that money is post tax. And the I.R.S. might look unfavorably on this unless it is done right especially if your are under 59 ½.

Check out these links and get legal advice before proceeding.

Can Your Retirement Plan Own Your Business?

You may have built up considerable money in your 401(k) at a job or in your IRA and now you want to start a business or turn your sideline venture into a full-time activity. Can you use the money in your retirement account as capital for your business without incurring a tax bill? If you follow the rules carefully, the answer is a qualified yes…..

Rollovers as Business Start-Ups

(ROBS) are arrangements in which current or prospective business owners use their 401(k), IRA or other retirement funds to pay for new business start-up costs, for business acquisition costs or to refinance an existing business. ROBS is an acronym from the United States Internal Revenue Service for the IRS ROBS Rollovers as Business Start-Ups Compliance Project.

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Mar 292014

robberMany years ago, companies offered pension plans. Then, somehow it was decided that it was better for us to have our own  “personal” 401(k) and IRA pension funds.

And for years we were told to set just aside 10% of our salary for retirement, let the banks and Wall Street manage our funds,  and watch it grow!

Unfortunately, most of us didn’t seem to become as wealthy as we thought. What happened?

The media told us that this was all due to the fact that –

  • The stock market crashed

But the media failed to tell us that there were many more additional reasons why our wealth has disappeared in the last few years.

Frankly, we have been robbed!

According to Salon magazine

  • Those with greatest wealth have received over 90% of the new wealth in the last few years, while thanks to new tax regulations they have been paying less and less. On the other hand, the middle class is short about $7 trillion in retirement funds.
  • The average amount of money saved for retirement is only about $6,500 for those between 50 to 64 years old.
  • Over 93% of us have had zero wealth growth in the last few years.
  • Corporate tax subsidies are twice the cost of pensions.
  • Banks have taken 40% of every 401(k) plan in charges.
  • Trillions of dollars in tax are avoided yearly by wealthy individuals and corporations – over double the cost of Social Security alone.
  • Corporations (and governments) right and left have failed to pay pensions as promised.

So we can wring our hands, vote the rascals out, and write to our congressmen and women. But the system will not be changed for years – if ever. There is something we can do NOW.

I suggest that you take control of your pension and figure out how you can start your own retirement business and forget about letting the banks manage your money.

(see my other article on title “Investing in the Stock Market is a Scam” too.

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How to decide which retirement business to start?

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Mar 212014

start-a-retirement-businessIf you have decided that either you need to supplement your retirement income or that you simply want to keep busy in your retirement, please consider these tips before even selecting from our Big List of Retirement Ideas.

How much effort do you want to put into your retirement business?

There are a lot of options available. Start with the biggest question which is how much work do you want to do? How many hours of your retirement do you want to spend working on your retirement business?

Types of retirement business structure.

  • Part-time: You run the business when you want, where you want. This has the maximum flexibility and it is one of the criteria on this web site that I suggest.
  • Franchise: The benefits of a franchise are you get training, support of a big brand name, and a success formula. In this same category, I am including being a sales representative selling such products as cosmetics, health supplements, cookware, and clothes by hosting a party in your house or calling on them in person. Be careful as some franchises demand a certain level of performance (sales) to remain in the program. You might not want to put in the time that they expect. Also stay away from those that want you to make a heavy monetary investment, meet quotas; attend pep-rallies, and put a lot of pressure on results.
  • Buy an existing business: This can seem more expensive but hopefully you get existing profitable customers, equipment, mailing lists, and help from the previous owner. Sometimes there is no need to re-invent the wheel from scratch.
  • Open at store: Unless you really need a lot of money, don’t spend your retirement days tending a store where you lose your freedom to work when you want. You will also probably need employees so that you can, at least, take a vacation.

From where will you run your retirement business?

  • Home-based: With today’s technology – internet, Skype, email, and other services you can work your business from your home. Most of the retirement businesses on this website can be home based.
  • Store front: This is not recommended unless you want to work yourself to death instead of enjoying your retirement.
  • Office or building: Moving out of the house can be convenient – especially if you need to meet customers on a regular basis or don’t have the space to store products that you make or sell. However, the longer you can avoid this additional expense the better. With most of the suggest retirement businesses here you can meet the customer at their place. If don’t have space to make things, consider renting month-to-month the garage space of a neighbor.

How much money to you want to spend?

My advice is to start small. Sell on a cash basis only. Ask for large down payments with the rest due on completion. Don’t make a big dent into your retirement savings.

More basic retirement start up business tips

Start a business that

  • Can turn a profit
  • Where you can find customers
  • With a unique niche proposition
  • And most importantly, start a retirement business that you will enjoy doing.

Remember that it is probably too late to become a millionaire or start a huge enterprise. Just to find something to do that will improve your retirement income and   doesn’t require you to “go to work” all over again.

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Mar 152014

financial-calculator-onlineA small business owner should not only be able to read a balance sheet and profit / loss, but should be able to do some basic analysis of the data using these

Retirement Business Financial Calculators

for such things a Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, and Working Capital. (I am adding more every day so check back.)

Basic accounting statements for a retirement business

There are two main reports that you need – a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement in order to use these Retirement Business Financial Calculators – free.


This is a summary of the financial state of your business. Your business owns things like money and inventory which are called assets. However, your business might also have liabilities meaning that it owes money to others like a bank or suppliers. The difference in what you business has (ASSETS) less what it owes (LIABILITIES) is your EQUITY.


The other most important financial document is an income statement which is sometimes called the profit and loss statement. This document shows a summary of all the revenue that the company has minus the expenses to obtain the profit (or loss) of your company.

Your accountant or a good software program like QUICKBOOKS can supply you with all the numbers that you need for these

Retirement Business Financial Calculators

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Mar 122014

Many retired people, or soon to be retired, are thinking about

Starting A Business In Retirement

champagne-retirementThey find that use their retirement funds plus Social Security are just not enough to live well.

The options are

  • work for someone else for a set number of hours in a fixed location
  • or chart your own course with a baby boomer retirement business

Consider (now that you have the time) of starting a home-based enterprise based on your hobby or personal interest. If you do it right, a retirement business can not only give you a worth-while activity to spend your time but also it can help your savings last longer.

Of course, you have to know what you are doing. Too many people who were employees working for someone else all their lives, don’t know what it takes to be your own boss.

It is not difficult, but you must be prepared. You don’t want to spend all your retirement savings, get tied down to something you dread, and waste your time doing something that you don’t enjoy.


There are basically two ways to make money – selling a product or offering services. These can be your products or services – or someone else’s products or services.


If you sell a product that you make, you are in complete control and make more money. But you will have to spend time making products which limits your time. And you will have to sell it to customers or other middlemen too. If you offer a service directly, you are essentially selling your time.


If you sell something made by someone else, perhaps, you will make less money but you will free up your time for more selling and can drop products that don’t sell.


If you offer your own product or service, be prepared for criticism. There will be unhappy customers no matter who is a fault. – and sometimes it will be your fault.

When you offer products or services from someone else, you will not take criticism so personally.

Look around there are many products and services that you could sell for others.


  • A retirement business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Your goal should not be to become the next Bill Gates. You only need enough money to supplement your retirement income. Don’t spend your way to success.
  • Select a modest goal and then look into the Best Retirement Business Ideas that you can find that fit your skills, passion, and personality.
  • Learn all you can about your retirement business. Leverage your skills and passions.
  • Start slowly.
  • Avoid employees or, at least, outsource to freelancers and independent contractors.
  • Make mistakes. You won’t learn unless you do something wrong.
  • Be ready to change your plan if it not working out but don’t give up too soon.
  • Love your work, not the money it makes.
  • Beware of scams like multilevel marketing, miracle products, overnight success stories, and high returns. The only people who make money with these are the organizers.

A retirement business might not be for everyone.

It takes work (not too much), patience, commitment, a plan, and most of all turning off the TV and doing something every day toward your dream.

Here are some good Retirement Business Ideas for further reading.

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Mar 112014

happy-retirementYou looked forward all these years to your retirement. But when you check your finances you find that:

  • You can’t sell the house for the profit that you thought due to the housing crisis
  • Your pension money got hit hard during the last recession
  • You didn’t quite save enough money

So what are your going to do?

You could GO BACK TO WORK (never)  but

  • Good-paying jobs are scarce
  • There is age discrimination in spite of the law
  • And you don’t want to work 40 hours – this is supposed to be retirement

There is an alternative

Start your own Retirement Business

But not just any old business, you need a retirement business that:

  1. You can manage yourself with your current skills and knowledge
  2. You don’t need employees
  3. You want to work part-time
  4. You select the hours
  5. You don’t want to be tied down to a fixed location
  6. Start with little money and don’t gamble with your retirement money
  7. Live where you want to live
  8. Set realistic goals. The idea is to start a retirement business for supplemental income – not become a millionaire.
  9. Start small and make a checklist of things to do every week and DO IT.
  10. Enjoy what you are doing. Follow your dream now.
  11. Learn all you can about your retirement business before you start. But don’t procrastinate.
  12. Research. Investigate before starting.
  13. Make mistakes.

More about how to have your own retirement business

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Mar 062014

dollar-signIf you run a retirement business, you need to maintain control of your sales and expenses. Of course, this can all be done with pencil and paper, but a more professional way is to use a small business account software system. There are many options from:

  • Spreadsheet like Excel
  • Personal Financial System like Intuit’s Quicken or Microsoft’s Money
  • Accounting software such as QuickBooks or Peachtree.

See my new page for a QuickBooks Online Review. I’ll be adding more in the next few days.

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Mar 022014

translationI’ve noticed that this site has quite a number of visitors from other countries so I’ve implemented a language translator. Let me know if you find it useful. I happen to speak fluent Spanish and good German as well as English. So I could translate posts and pages into these languages if the machine translator is too unreadable. Let me know which pages to translate manually. Thanks.

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Feb 182014

10 business ideas for retirees

by Joe Leonard

MSN MoneyThe web site MSN Money offers some good tips on choosing a retirement business.

  • Choose an idea you’ll follow through on.
  • Identify your goals.
  • Think about your past experience and skills.
  • Do you want to leverage past experience or break new ground?
  • Determine your risk
  • Pick a Retirement Business that fits your life style

1) Life or business coach

Take a course from an institute such as Business Coaching Certified and then join the International Coach Federation.

Also check out the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches for more information as this site is most suited to an older person who rose to the top of a company or organization. Also see my web page on a Consulting Retirement Business.

2) Retirement financial planner

I have a web page on a Tax Filing and Preparation Retirement Business. This article goes one step further into financial planning. According to the article, some 40% of working Americans said they will never afford retirement. A retirement financial planner can better those odds by offering investment and savings strategies, guidance on when to begin receiving Social Security benefits and other services. Other important issues can also be addressed, such as Medicare coverage, housing options and long-term care insurance. They suggest contacting the College for Financial Planning  to become a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor or Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist. Start with this Social Security Retirement Guide.

3) Event planner

If you planned your own children’s wedding (or you own), you can show others how to plan other events such from conferences to lavish dinners. You also need to be very aware of your limitations. There’s a lot of pressure that goes with making sure everything is right.

4) Home stager

This article is a bit more than just offering a Cleaning Service Retirement Business by suggesting that you suggest also prep and beautify homes before they go on the market for sale.  You can also suggest ways to rearrange furniture and offer decorating ideas and other strategies to better a home’s presentation both inside and out. The article fails to mention where to find customers, but I would think letting real estate brokers know of your services would be a good place to start. If you not sure about home decorating check out this Home Decorating Made Easy Course.

5) Bed and breakfast operator

This type of business takes a major investment in money, time, and effort. You will probably also need employees. This is a full time commitment which is not the focus of this web site.

6) Cleaning service provider

As the article mentions start up costs are very low. They suggest starting with homeowners and offering cleaning products in addition to cleaning services. And important point is the if your start a Cleaning Service Retirement Business consider you physical condition if you don’t want to climb ladders  and make it clear you’re not going to climb a ladder to scrub outside windows and gutters.

7) Home inspector

Most home buyers today are hiring a home inspector before buying. If you have previous experience in the construction or real estate industry a Home Inspector Retirement Business could be ideal.  You can do everything from complete home examinations to testing for radon and other contaminants. Also check out the Home Renovation Part 1.

8) Etsy-based business operator

Etsy is an e-commerce similar to the eBay Retirement Business but it focuses on handmade or vintage items, supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. This is just one additional market for your Antiques Retirement Business. You can sell your old art, photography, clothing, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks, and toys providing you have made them or they are 20 years old or more. Visit the Etsy website for more information.

9) Daycare provider

A Daycare Retirement Business used to be a great idea. However, many localities now requirement certification, training, and even modifications to your home if that is where you want to operate. Moreover, running a daycare requires you to be in a fixed location for a fixed number of hours and you will probably need an employee or partner as you don’t want the liability of leaving young children alone while you go to the bathroom or in another room. They require constant attention. My advice is that a Daycare Retirement Business is not a good choice.

10) Tutor

I have a web page on starting a Tutoring Retirement Business. They suggest looking into the Tutor Village which is a network of tutors. Don’t limit yourself to just academic subject either. Also check out Tutoring in Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities Part 2.

Coming soon…Part 4 of Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities

From the article – 10 business ideas for retirees according to MSN Money.

This is PART 3 of Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities. (Click here for Part 1 or Part 2)

Feb 142014

How Stuff Works logoThe web site How Stuff Works has an article suggesting some Retirement Businesses that could be run from your home. Let’s at them from the perspective of how they might be good retirement business. Let me know if you would like more information on any of these and I will devote a separate web page to them!

1) Tutoring

I have posted some information on starting a Tutoring Retirement Business on this web site.  How Stuff Works has some good links to online tutoring companies looking for instructors. In addition to tutoring academic course, they suggest looking into helping students with SAT and ACT tests for college entrance requirements as well as the GED – General Educational Development, GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test, GRE – Graduate Record Examinations and LSAT – Law School Admission Test.

I’d like to hear some comments on your success with tutoring. How did you start? What do you teach? Where do you get students?

2) RV/Camping Jobs

These are jobs working in a fixed location for specific days at a salary. So they don’t meet my criteria above.

3) Bed-and-Breakfast Owners

This type of business takes a major investment in money, time, and effort. You will probably also need employees. This is a full time commitment which is not the focus of this web site.

4) Property Management

Typically this involves showing apartments, taking calls from tenants, arranging for maintenance in exchange for free rent and / or a small payment. While an interesting idea, you might find it difficult to travel and will be on-call 24 hours.

5) Online Jurors

Lawyers often need to know how their presentation of a case might be decided. So they employee online jurors. The hours are very flexible but the pay seems very low ($10 per case??). Check it out if you have time as it can be done from home.

6) Tax Services

Helping people with their taxes is a very good seasonal business that can pay very good money. I have a web page called Tax Filing Service Retirement Business.  How Stuff Works suggest that you register with the IRSp to become a tax professional if you are not already a licensed attorneys or CPA.

Also look into learning the ropes from H&R Block tax preparation courses for beginners. Be careful that they don’t limit you with a contract that prohibits you from going out on your own later.

Does any of my readers have some tips and suggestions on starting a Tax Services Retirement Business?

7) Writing/Blogging

About the only advice that How Stuff Works for making a business out of writing is to start a blog and earn money from advertisements. The problem is that you need massive amounts of traffic to earn any money. A better use of your writing skills is to write for Amazon Kindle or SmashWords or at least sell affiliate products on your web site.

Their second suggestion is to write for other blogs and get paid. The problem is that this won’t make you very much money. It’s better to write for other blogs that have high traffic in your market (even for free) as long as they will give you a link back to your web site where you make money with your own products or as an affiliate.

8) Pet Sitting

I have some information on making Dog Houses as a Retirement Business but never thought about Pet Sitting. According to How Stuff Works about 60% of households have pet and pet hotels are expensive. All they need is someone who will feed the pet and let it out for a walk.

There is a National Association of Professional Pet Sitters that can give you more information.

Is there enough interest for me to do some research and write more about a Pet Sitting Retirement Business?

9) Catering

I looked at catering and food preparation and ruled it out because it has the following problems: you probably won’t be allowed to use your own kitchen without major changes for health inspection; you could be liable for food poisoning or worse; you may need to pass a government exam in nutrition, health, and safe handling of food; it requires an inventory that will spoil it not sold. All in all, I’d stay away from catering.

10) Consulting

The How Stuff Works article mentions the importance of consulting but does not give specifics. I much prefer my own web page on starting a Consulting Retirement Business.

From the article – 10 Business Ideas for Retired Couples according to How Stuff Works.
This is PART 2 of Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities. (Click here for Part 1 or Part 3)

Feb 062014

About.com logoThe web site About.Com has an article on the top 10 Retirement Businesses that you might consider starting – Home Renovation Services, Life/Business Coaching Services, Pet-Based Products, Catering Services, Cleaning Services, Fall Prevention Products, Wedding Consultant/Planner Services, Ecommerce, In-Home Beauty Services, and Sewing / Alteration Services

Let’s at them from the perspective of how they might be good retirement business.


1) Home Renovation Services

This is a Handyman Retirement Business on a larger scale requiring more skills, more profit per project and more risks, too. It can certainly be run from your home as a retirement business – especially if you use subcontractors for the heavy work or for skills that you do not possess.

The advantage is that the profits can be greater than just being a handyman. It does require you, however, to show up to supervise the progress and the risks are greater if the renovation goes wrong. D

Do any of my readers have experience in starting a Home Renovation Retirement Business? Would anyone like me to post more information on this topic?

2) Pet-Based Products

I looked into building dog houses as a retirement business http://aeiou.org/doghouse-retirement-business. However this could be expanded to include food, mats, and toys. What do you think?

3) Catering Services

I thought about food services as a retirement business bu ruled it our because of health permit concerns. For example, if you prepare food yourself, you might have to be licensed or take government approved classes. You might even have to spend a lot of money to improve your kitchen.

However, you might be able to start a catering business without all these concerns if all the cooking and serving were done by other licensed caterers. You, of course, would do the marketing for business meetings, graduations, parties, and weddings and such.

Your advantage is that you can offer your clients a variety of options of different foods for different budgets as well as additional services such as flowers, valet parking, and waiters.

4) Cleaning Services

The article has little to add to what I’ve said about starting a Cleaning Retirement Business.

5) Fall Prevention Products

People do fall more often as they grow older as this article points out. They suggest offering products to prevent falls. The only things that I can think of are selling walkers or installing things like handrails or electric elevator chairs. Is there a big market for this? Wouldn’t a store front be the best way to sell these products? How would one reach this market? I don’t think that this meets my criteria above. What do you think?

6) Wedding Consultant/Planner Services

This is a very good idea that I have not considered. I have friends who started a Wedding Consultant Retirement Business and are doing very well. They help in selecting the rings, invitations, wedding dresses, church,  reception, photography, and even the honeymoon. Charge for your consulting as well as a commission on each service that you arrange. I’d like to start a web page on this. What do you think?

7) ECommerce

Making money on line is a hot topic now. (In fact, this web site is my own on line retirement business as you can tell.)

However, be careful. There are a lot of people selling information on how to get-rich-quick on the Internet.

If there is an interest, I can start a web page which takes you through the steps of how to supplement your retirement income with eCommerce. Just let me know. In the meantime, look at my web page of eBay Retirement Business and Craigslist Retirement Business.

8) In-Home Beauty Services

This is NOT a good retirement business. About.com is not giving good advice here. I do not want to encourage you to start a business that violates the law. In most cities, you must be licensed, and it is forbidden to operate a beauty salon from your home. Even manicures, pedicures, massages and acupuncture have their liabilities and licensing requirements. I know that many people do this by ignoring the law and have never got into trouble – but I can’t recommend it.

However, it is possible to make your own cosmetics (not miracle health claims please) or resell products from others. See my web page on Cosmetics Retirement Business.

9) Sewing and Alteration Services

I have a web page on making aprons which, perhaps, I should expand to include more sewing ideas as mentioned in the article. Again, don’t have clients come to you home unless you live in the properly zoned area.

Since I am not getting many visitors to my Apron Maker Retirement Business I hesitate to spend more time on expanding to include other similar items.

10) Life/Business Coaching Services

This is another hot business. But my view is that the competition is fierce and you really need specialized training. It could be difficult to find clients and you might find that they really don’t want to pay much per hour. For now, I’m passing on including it on this web site. Any contrary opinion?

If you would like more information on any of these and I will devote a separate web page to them!

From the article – Top 10 Home Business Opportunities according to About.com
This is PART 1 of Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities. (Click here for Part 2 or Part 3)

Feb 022014

Retirement Business Overseas

International LivingYou don’t have to start your retirement business in just Canada or the United States, you can retire overseas too. This site AEIOU is run by me from Mexico and it is just one of my retirement businesses.

Here is an article by International Living on opening a business in Ecuador, Guatemala, and Uruguay.

Expat Kevin Sheehy opened a restaurant in the cool-weather capital of Quito, Ecuador with just $14,000.

In the U.S., you cannot do what I have done here in Ecuador…you’d have too much debt to worry about,” says Kevin Sheehy, who bank-rolled his first venture—a Vietnamese restaurant—in the cool-weather capital of Quito with just $14,000.

One business opportunity led to another, and today his success overseas means that Kevin enjoys the flexibility to live in a place he loves (the weather is spring-like year-round) and spend four months every year traveling.

He is just one of many expats who has found that opportunity knocks loudest when our boots are on the ground abroad. Accidental entrepreneurs, like the ones we profile here, embrace opportunities sometimes hard to come by in the States, where start-up costs are higher and competition more developed.

Some expats stumble upon a place they love and just don’t want to leave. But staying often requires an income. And that demands some ingenuity…Josh and Courtney Wilson fell in love with San Marcos, Guatemala, for instance, and, needing to fund their lives there, established a school. Today it has an international reputation and a staff of 16.

Kat and Bruce Bennett were enchanted with life in La Paz, Mexico. To make living there doable, they bought an English-language bookstore—they’d always loved books—and today get to spend their days close to the seafront.

Sometimes expats find themselves turning passions into profits. Liz Cowley turned her interest in the history of her adopted home town, Montevideo, Uruguay, into a viable business offering walking tours of the city.

Once you’re in a new place, entrepreneurial expats report, it’s not hard to spot niches or gaps in the market that you’re perfectly suited to fill. You may end up making money in a way you’d never have predicted back home.

To prove that point, we’ve collected the stories below from expats abroad who happily fund “the good life” through ventures they discovered—or created—overseas.

Posted on November 14, 2012 by International Living   February 2014

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Retirement might be sooner than expected

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Do you have enough saved? Is your 401k, IRA, Social Security or CPP adequate to live on? Will you have to sell your house at less than you thought? Many of us retirees find that we just won’t have the income we expected.

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Retirement Business Ideas

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Benefits of your own retirement business

When you have your own Retirement Business you can:

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  • Make a list of your passion. Do you have a hobby? Want to travel? Something you always wanted to learn?
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  • Invest in yourself
  • Learn new skills and work on your strengths.
  • You’re the boss

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