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Have your e-book cover designed by a professional.

 The Complete Book Cover Creation Guide:
What makes a good cover and how to create your own

Ebook-coverThis illustrated book teaches you how to make your own e-book cover, even if you are not a designer. It is for the indie writer who is on a budget and wants to publish and sell their own book in online stores such Amazon.com.
You will learn:
• How to design a basic book cover, using easy step-by-step visual instructions.
• Why eBook covers should be designed differently than printed book covers.
• How to make sure your cover stands out in an online bookstore.
• How to use your own photos to create an attractive design.
• How to use a word processor and/or graphics program to create a book cover.
• How to prepare the cover at the correct size and format for an eBook store.About the Author: Kate Harper has taught art and computer classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys creating visual step-by-step guides for non-technical users. She is a credentialed adult education instructor in the state of California, and is inspired by technologies that encourage people to be more creative.

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