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How to write an Amazon Kindle e-Book.

And don’t forget that you can be a big fish in a little pond by publishing your ebook at Barnes & Noble.

 Here are the tools that I use to write e-Books.

Scrivener – I use this software to organize and write the chapters of my e-book. This software is much better than Microsoft Word which can also be used. Get the book Scrivener for Dummies. Get the Scrivener software here.


Kindle Previewer – This free software from Amazon lets you see how your e-book will look before sending it to be published even if you do not own a Kindle reader. You can also use a Barnes & Noble Nook Press Previewer or Nook to see how you e-book will appear.


Calibre – This is a free program that will let you view and manage all your e-Books in various formats.


And here are some good books on writing an e-book that I highly recommend.

Steve J. Scott

Read more about Steve Scott here.

Don’t have time to complete a book in 7 days or during a weekend? Want a step-by-step writing plan that’s REALISTIC? Need a strategy for creating content that readers love? Ever wish you had a best-selling eBook?


Digital publishing has quickly become THE way to make money with your words. The problem? It’s not the ‘get rich quick’ strategy claimed by many gurus. The secret is to write the kind of nonfiction eBooks that build long-term fans and BUYERS.

In the guide “How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days,” you’ll get a day-by-day blueprint that actually works. Unlike other ‘systems,’ you’ll discover a strategy which includes realistic timelines and specific steps.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Adopt the 4 Habits of a Highly Effective Nonfiction Author
  • Follow Four Steps for Creating the Perfect Writing Environment
  • Discover a Killer Nonfiction Topic in 6 Simple Steps — (Day 1 to Day 2)
  • Craft a Outline That Writes Itself — (Day 3 to Day 4)
  • Write an Rough Draft Fast — (Day 5 to Day 8).
  • Outsource an eCover Design that Attracts Your Prospective Customers — (Day 9)
  • Edit a Second Draft that Readers Will Love! — (Day 10 to Day 16)
  • Turn a “Ordinary” Book into an Extraordinary One — (Day 17 to Day 20)
  • Optimize your eBook Listing to Maximize Sales — (Day 21)

Buy the book How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days now.

Tom Corson-Knowles

Read more about Tom Corson-Knowles here.

The Kindle Writing Bible:
How To Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book From Start To Finish


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You could be just a few days away from completing your bestselling nonfiction book.

In The Kindle Writing Bible, you will learn:

  • How to Overcome The 7 Deadly Writing Obstacles -Learn how to overcome the 7 deadly writing obstacles that could stop you from achieving the success you seek. You will learn to conquer your fear, procrastination, indecision, perfectionism, lack of money, lack of knowledge and lack of vision to become a bestselling author.
  • How To Double or Even Triple Your Writing Productivity – Learn the secrets to writing faster and higher quality books I used to triple my writing productivity. If you’re a slow writer or struggle with writer’s block, you will love these proven writing strategies!
  • How To Have Someone Else Write Your Book For You – I’ve helped hundreds of would-be authors who don’t like to write how to effectively hire a ghostwriter or use audio recordings to help write your book much faster. If you have an idea and a passion for helping people, you can become a best-selling nonfiction author using these strategies!

The 5 Simple Steps To Writing An Amazing Book

  1. How To Pick a Niche For Your Book That Will Be Guaranteed to Sell
  2. How To Give Your Readers Exactly What They Want
  3. How To Increase Your Creativity to Genius Levels
  4. How To Write A Kindle Book Fast
  5. The Psychology of Nonfiction Readers

Buy the book Kindle Writing Bible now.