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In the book, I had an example of Mr. Doe who had a shoe store and needed a company to come in and clean it after hours and straighten out the merchandise.

So he searched the Internet for “store cleaning services”. Unfortunately, he got way too many web pages. And many of these websites are not actually companies that would come in an clean the store.store-cleaning-servicesSo he tried narrowing down his search to “store cleaning services companies Key Largo, Florida” where he lives.


Notice what has happened. Google now show a map and displays the names of two companies right at the top of the web page.

This is called “LOCAL SEARCH”.

Moreover, it is obvious that Andy’s Pool Service does not clean stores and Jill of All Trades doesn’t seem to specialize in anything in particular.

This means the your cleaning services retirement business can easily rank at the top of the web page search!

Just go to this Google page and get your company on the first page of Google search.

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