Day 10 – Launch


meetupRight now in your city there are people meeting weekly or monthly to discuss common interests, such as politics, books, games, movies, health, pets, careers or hobbies.

Attending one of these meetings is a great opportunity to hook up with people who might need your products or services.

You can also network with other small business owners to exchange ideas.

And it is free to join.

Or for a monthly fee you can start your own Meetup group on any topic.

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Meetup can be used to quite effectively to achieve a number of strategic business objectives including extending reach and visibility, event management, recruitment, sales, and market research.

It’s particularly effective with small businesses, and/or narrow markets, but can be used to achieve any of the aforementioned goals with a variety of different firms and industries.

Extending reach and visibility 

Firms can take advantage of the user base on meetup.com to extend their reach. They can also target customers in their geographic area with Meetups designed to generate sales lead, increase awareness of the brand, and/or conduct market research.

Meetups can be especially effective in narrow markets and/or small markets. Volunteering to serve as a guest speaker can also increase your credibility.

A business owner can also sponsor a Meetup. By providing direct financial support (cash), a venue, or other in-kind contributions, a sponsor can be highlighted on the Groups Sponsors page, and/or with the agreement of the Organizer, have branded signage and/or mentions at the event. 

Planning events 

Meetup.com can also be used as an event management platform, particularly for firms that host multiple events as part of their core business/marketing strategy. Organizer tools, such as online payment acceptance, can be expensive to develop and maintain in-house, but come as a benefit of Organizer dues.

Learning about market developments 

Industry networking Groups are also a good way to obtain insights about new trends that may affect your industry. You can join Groups populated by users of your product or service to gain brand/product insights from those users directly. You can also host and organize Groups of influencers and innovators in your industry to learn what new projects are being developed and evaluated.