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Newsletter Design:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creative Publications


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Newsletter Design A Step-by-Step Guide to Creative Publications “Make it dramatic. Make it readable. Make it believable.” Words of advice to those who plan, design, or edit newsletters from the author of Newsletter Design, Edward A. Hamilton.

Follow the advice of this designer of world-renowned publications and your newsletter will never land in the junk-mail pile.

You’ll learn techniques used by the most successful publications to attract readers and rivet their attention. Included in this step-by-step guide:
* Planning visual content
* Fast-paced journalistic writing
* Forceful page layout
* Eye-catching graphics
* Strong, clear typography
* Powerful photojournalism
* Cost-wise production

From selecting a name, logotype, and cover design to going on press, every element of producing a stand-out newsletter is explained step-by-step in clear language. Principles are expressed in simple terms that apply equally to desktop publishing or traditional T-square and typewriter. Layouts that are cluttered and complex–or bland and austere–can sabotage even the best editorial ideas. The author shows you how to avoid the stock, “off-the-shelf look”. You’ll learn to master simple but powerful page layout, sparkling typography that promotes clarity, strength and elegance. you’ll learn how to edit and design with compelling journalistic photographs and vivid graphics. In addition, the book introduces a twelve-part grid design that not only opens up new creative possibilities and relief from the standard three-column page, it works perfectly with computer coordinates. There’s plenty of support for desktop publishers using WordPerfect, Lotus, Adobe, and Quark. You’ll get tips for spicing up your pages with tables, charts, graphs, pictographs, and maps, using simple software programs.

It’s all here. From logotype to printed pages, you won’t find a more readable, on-the-money guide to designing newsletters.

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