Poor translations



Read about funny poor translations.

It is import to use a professional translator for your marketing materials. However, if your budget is limited then go with Bing Translator.  (I actually work with Microsoft on this website). Also if you have Microsoft Word, you can translate with Bing right inside the document.

See for yourself what can happen when you rely on machine or computer translations.

How to Translate Your Books WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME
(Self-Publishing Without Spending a Dime)


how-to-translateHistory has proven the power of the written word, but translations of those powerful works can be equally significant.

So if you could translate your bestseller FROM ENGLISH INTO DIFFERENT WORLD LANGUAGES, it could mean reaching such newer, untapped, unexplored markets whose existence you were blissfully unaware of.


  • Now if you can afford it, it may be alright. But the riskiest part of this endeavour is that your book sales in all those exotic languages may never help recover even the cost of translation.
  • And if you are a newbie, struggling, unknown author, then this totally unaffordable and expensive route is definitely NOT for you.
  • There is another problem. You may not be able to reach experienced translators if you are not a “known” author in the English market.
  • So how do you ensure that the translation is of a good quality?

You need “How to Translate Your Books WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME”.

The author distills his practical, hands-on experience in putting out as many as 12 books on all e-Book platforms from Amazon to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Babelcube, author Prasenjeet Kumar.

This book covers many essential issues of translation:

  • There are tips on how to select a translator
  • Finding an editor/proof reader for your translated books
  • Adapting your existing book cover
  • Formatting, pricing, publishing and marketing your translated books worldwide on 300+ retailers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Nobles, Baker and Taylor, Chegg, Follet, Gardner, Google Play, Inkterra, Overdrive, Page Foundry, Scribd, Tolino, 3M, etc.

And all, as promised, WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and grab a copy of How to Translate Your Books today.