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Etsy Empire:
Proven Tactics for Your Etsy Business Success, Including Etsy SEO, Etsy Shop Building, Social Media for Etsy and Etsy Pricing Tips

etsy-empireEtsy Empire is the first book to provide instruction on all aspects of building a successful Etsy business selling crafts and vintage collectibles.

Etsy Empire offers a unique combination of the most important Etsy tips for building your business. Such as:

  • Build your brand. This is the most important task for Etsy sellers.
  • Determine demand for your potential business for free.
  • Learn how to double or triple traffic to your shop and sales items with Etsy SEO and Google SEO
  • Use Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to sell more items and engage your shop’s fans – Social Media for Etsy
  • Learn how to sell crafts and vintage collectibles on Etsy
  • Etsy tips for packaging and shipping
  • Learn valuable tips for improving Etsy photography and how to make your item descriptions convert into sales
  • Etsy 101 – learn how to start your business from scratch and build into a successful online business
  • Learn how to network with other successful Etsy shop owners
  • How to design a great Etsy shop – create a professional shop banner, shop name and avatar

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