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Navigating the Maze of Social Security

Will you have Social Security or Social Insecurity?

navigating-social-securityWelcome to the tantalizing and seductive world of Social Security. Many say seduction starts with the mind. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, widowed or even remarried and divorce a second time, you will discover something intriguing and thought provoking when you turn each page of this book. Shockingly, you will find situational examples of fifty shades of grey when devising your Social Security claiming strategy. And you didn’t think Social Security could be so sexy, did you.

Confused, Bewildered, Perplexed and Unsure About Social Security?

Google “Social Security” on your computer and you may get 460,000,000 search results. Google “Social Security claiming strategies” and you may find over 3,000,000 search results alone. By one calculation, there are over 817 possibilities from 57 basic variations in which you can claim Social Security benefits. Who wouldn’t be confused or bewildered by all this available information. If you have an evening to kill, try navigating the Social Security Handbook online. An immediate nightmare comes to mind.

Here is Your Resource Guide

Are you looking for a resource guide which can help you navigate this maze of Social Security information and claiming options available to you? Want a clear and concise book which answers all your questions? It’s not the answers you already know, it’s the questions you don’t even know to ask!

Questions you Might be Thinking About?

  • How many earnings credits do I need to be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits ?
  • What if my earnings record is wrong?
  • What are earnings cap restrictions?
  • Can my Social Security benefits be reduced?
  • What are delayed retirement credits?
  • When can I can survivor benefits?
  • How can I ensure my spouse gets the largest Social Security benefit they are entitled to?
  • Are my Social Security benefits subject to federal income taxes?
  • What is provisional income and how do I calculate it?
  • What is file and suspend?
  • What is a Social Security do over?
  • What is a restricted claim?
  • I’m getting remarried at 59. Should I wait?
  • What advantage do divorced spouses have which their married counterparts don’t have?
  • What does Medicare cover?
  • Is Medicare completed free?
  • Are there other options for health care besides Medicare?

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