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Fire Your Web Guy!:
Use WordPress to Build Your Own eCommerce Website


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Build a beautiful, e-commerce ready website with no coding knowledge whatsoever!

“Web Guys” tend to live in their mother’s basement and work whenever they feel like it. They can be costly, unresponsive, slow and downright flakey. The good news for you is that you don’t really need a Web Guy. Using WordPress, we show you how to build a professional-looking website quickly and easily without knowing any code at all. If you need a website quick, have a limited budget and a free weekend, then this book is for you.

In this short, simple tutorial we give step-by-step instructions including:

  • How to get a domain name
  • Choosing a web host
  • Installing and setting up WordPress
  • Adding your text and graphics
  • Setting up a blog
  • Sideshows and Galleries
  • Shopping cart integration with WooCommerce
  • Product reviews
  • Collecting money with PayPal
  • And much more!

Get the book Fire Your Web Guy.