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Work at Home Scams to Avoid

WWorking at home is the best way to start your Retirement Business. And there are many people looking for information on how to do it.

But there are also many scams to be careful of.

Many are simply a con game that promises much and give you nothing. Others are just selling worthless courses for poor money making opportunities.

Hopefully this site will help you get started with the Best Retirement Business Ideas.

Legitimate work at home ideas will not:

  • Promise to make your rich quick
  • Tell you that clients will automatically come to you
  • That you don’t have to do any selling

Typical work at home jobs are:

  1. Call Centers and / or Data Entry – This is really a JOB in which you answer telephone calls from customers or input information into their database online. This is NOT the type of retirement business I suggest on this web site. You can make money at this with legitimate companies but they expect high productivity, more than part-time hours, and lots of stress. Most companies have their own systems so you don’t need to pay to take a course.
  2. Cashing Checks – Everyone has seen the Nigerian scheme whereby a so-called crooked minister of the Nigerian government has died and relatives need your help to get money out of foreign banks. All you need to do is deposit a check from their bank in Nigeria into your bank and then wire the funds to another foreign bank keeping 10 to 20% for yourself. The problem is that the check ill bounce long after you have withdrawn funds from your bank.
  3. Get Rich Quick on the Internet – The only ones making money are those selling the courses, “secrets”, and training programs. Making money on the Internet takes – technical knowledge – high traffic – unique products not available elsewhere. There are opportunities like selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or starting you own website. But it will take time and work. There are no “secrets”.
  4. Home Envelope Stuffing – This old scam used to be advertised in the back of magazines but is now quite common on the Internet. No one will pay you to stuff envelopes. Printers do that now with automatic machines. Doing it by hand is just not efficient or fast enough.
  5. Medical Billing – It is no secret that doctors are very poor at collecting bill from insurance companies and patients. But it is a complicated field to learn. Most companies are offering very poor courses while promising high profits. Only former nurses or medical accountant / bookkeepers should consider this retirement business.
  6. Multi-Level Marketing – In my opinion on super salespeople can make money at this. You don’t make money in MLM by selling products. You make money by selling others (your down line) on the idea that THEY can make money by joining your network and … selling others on the idea of joining their down line. It the concentration is on MLM stay clear. Of course, selling legitimate products like Avon where you are supposed to make money with the products is different. Also many of the products from MLM are overpriced, overpromised, of poor quality and most people wind up with a garage full of inventory that they can’t sell to anyone after they have sold to their friends and family (who probably bought just to “help you out” but really didn’t want the products.).
  7. Mystery Shopper – You are paid to visit stores and restaurants and report on how well you were treated. This is legitimate if you like getting free lunches, groceries, and clothes but most companies will not pay very much money for the time spent.
  8. Online Surveys – This is not always a scam but the pay is so poor for the hours that you need to work to contact people that I can’t recommend it. Likewise being paid to answer surveys pays poorly. The worst is being willing to talk to an attorney about an upcoming case. They pay about USD $10 for an hours chat and you get very few calls.
  9. Processing Rebates Scam – This involves making money just by filling out rebate forms. The catch is that you need to spend USD $100 to USD $200 to take their course, get their training materials, or join the mentor program. What you get is no more than you could learn by buying a book on Processing Rebates at any book store or Amazon.
  10. Pyramid Schemes – These promise you high interest rates of return on your money by giving you some of the money from previous clients to pay you. However, in the end, they are unable to repay the principal and disappear living most clients poorer for the experience.


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