Mar 112014

happy-retirementYou looked forward all these years to your retirement. But when you check your finances you find that:

  • You can’t sell the house for the profit that you thought due to the housing crisis
  • Your pension money got hit hard during the last recession
  • You didn’t quite save enough money

So what are your going to do?

You could GO BACK TO WORK (never)  but

  • Good-paying jobs are scarce
  • There is age discrimination in spite of the law
  • And you don’t want to work 40 hours – this is supposed to be retirement

There is an alternative

Start your own Retirement Business

But not just any old business, you need a retirement business that:

  1. You can manage yourself with your current skills and knowledge
  2. You don’t need employees
  3. You want to work part-time
  4. You select the hours
  5. You don’t want to be tied down to a fixed location
  6. Start with little money and don’t gamble with your retirement money
  7. Live where you want to live
  8. Set realistic goals. The idea is to start a retirement business for supplemental income – not become a millionaire.
  9. Start small and make a checklist of things to do every week and DO IT.
  10. Enjoy what you are doing. Follow your dream now.
  11. Learn all you can about your retirement business before you start. But don’t procrastinate.
  12. Research. Investigate before starting.
  13. Make mistakes.

More about how to have your own retirement business

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