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If you are thinking about opening a

Sewing Retirement Business

here are some ideas that you could use:

  1. Choir & graduation robes – Contact churches and schools. They are paying a fortune for commercial robes that you could make cheaper and better.
  2. Clothes designer – Design your own clothes or buy patterns and make clothes from them. Contact fabric stores and tell them you can make clothes for their customer with their fabrics.
  3. sewingCostumes – Make your own Halloween costumes.
  4. Dance wear – Ask around dance studios for their needs.
  5. Handicapped clothes – Let community family resource centers know that you can make clothes for handicapped individuals.
  6. Home items – Make bed covers, bed covers, crafts, curtains, drapes, pillows, slipcovers, and table cloths, Sell at flea markets and craft shows.
  7. Pets – Specialize in clothes for pets such as blankets, beds, and hats. Sell them through pet stores.
  8. School uniforms – Work with a private school to make their uniforms.
  9. Sell information – Put together pamphlets and booklets on sewing tips for specific items. You can sell patterns, instructions, and even complete kits.
  10. Sew for weddings – You can save brides and grooms hundreds of dollars by making all the clothes for a wedding.
  11. Sewing supplies – Often sewing supplies are imported from Asia and are of poor quality. Make some better supplies or purchase existing ones but put them into a kit.
  12. Start a sewing club – Teach others to sew. You can get students by partnering with a fabric store. They usually have a meeting room that you can use and a sewing machine for each student.
  13. Teach a class – Most community colleges are looking for instructors who can teach adults new skills. You don’t need academic credentials if you know what you are doing. Also libraries, schools, community centers, senior centers, and stores would let you teach. Require that each student bring their own sewing machine with them. You can sell the fabric needed for the class too as well as books.
  14. Uniforms – Contract managers of stores where employees wear uniforms. Find out if you can make them yourself or at least sew on names.

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