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Here are the top 20 Arts & Crafts Retirement Business Ideas that you can start today.

There are literally thousands of arts and crafts retirement business products that you could make, buy, and resell. But here below are ideally suited for a retirement business.

  1. T-shirts – You can buy an inexpensive T-shirt printer, connect it to your computer with the proper software and make a lot of money putting people’s faces on them or sayings. This is a real winner at fairs and craft shows. Learn more.
  2. Basket weaving – You can easily learn this skill or buy imported baskets, mats, and table mats. Stock up on supplies and buy the equipment.
  3. Beads Jewelry – You can make necklaces, headbands, armbands, rings, and decorative items that can be sewed into sweaters, handbags, or other items. Etsy has lots of sources for materials and you can resell there too.
  4. Candles – These are easy to make with melted wax poured into a mold with a wick and added colors and scents. Buy a kit to learn and get started.
  5. Cosmetics – It is easy to formulate your own line of cosmetics, creams and lotions. There are lots of books and formulas on the internet. The key is to come up with a unique packaging and then resell at craft shows, fairs, or flea markets.
  6. Costume jewelry – Beyond beads is making all kinds of costume jewelry. Buy a kit to get your started with some products that you can sell right away.
  7. Dolls – You can make dolls from paper mâché, cotton, or just make doll clothes or doll houses and  accessories.
  8. Embroidery – You can make many beautiful embroidery items like flowers and berries that can be easily sold on eBay or at a craft show.
  9. Figurines – I sell scrap metal figurines from Mexico on Etsy. It you have welding skills you could do something similar or if you can sew make little dolls.
  10. Handbags – Women love handbags. Most of what is made today is from cheap plastic or vinyl. You can do better. Sell on eBay or at local outlets like flea markets. You can also make wallets, leather goods, carry on travel bags, and school bags.
  11. Knitting – There are a whole lot that can be produced from a knitting retirement business. They include; cardigans, shawls, mufflers, table cloth, apparels and a lot more. However, you have to be devoted to learn the ropes so that you can start on the right footing. Starting this type of trade requires very little capital.
  12. Laser engraving machine– Buy this equipment and put designs on products that you can sell at flea markets and craft shows.
  13. Painting – Buy paintings cheaply from Asia or local artists on consignment and sell on eBay, Etsy, or a street fairs.
  14. Printing– An ideal craft to sell at shows and flea markets is to buy a 3D printer, patterns, and make items right in from of people’s eyes and personalize them with their name.
  15. Photography – If you know your way around cameras you can make a good living taking peoples photos and then putting them into unique frames.
  16. Pottery – This retirement business is not as hard as it seems. The materials are very inexpensive yet the selling price is high. You need to invest in a kiln.
  17. Rubber stamps – You can start with a kit and then build up your inventory of standard or specialize rubber stamps. Read how to start a rubber stamp retirement business.
  18. Soap- You make soap like candles. Melt a soap base in a mold with colors and scents. The secret is in the design that you know how to do.
  19. Woodworking – If you are handy with carpentry there is no end to what you can make. Swings, tables, wood carvings, chairs, benches, cabinets, play set, toy, and artwork. Look around a flea markets and find out what is selling. Learn more here.
  20. Supplies – Or just make and sell supplies to all the other people who have an arts and crafts retirement business.

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