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A list of steps to take to leverage your skills into a consulting retirement business.

consultingPut your skills and experience to use. You know how to do something well. Why not make that your retirement business?

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  1. Consultant – You have many years of experience. You know what works and how to do your job. Why not start teaching your skills to others who are now in the same job that you used to have. Read more about a Consulting Retirement Business.
  2. Speaker – Many professional organizations need speakers for their events. Work up a good how-to-do-it speech and enhance your reputation. Be sure to bring along brochures pitching your consulting services.
  3. Web site – Start an online business by selling your expertise. Offer books written by others with review. Sign onto Clickbank or Commission Junction to get affiliate products. Pat Flynn made a fortune teaching people how to get licensed as a security guard.
  4. Blog – One way to get the word out about your services is to start a blog.
  5. Training – There are many legitimate courses available to learn about consulting.
  6. Write a bookAmazon has now made it easy to write a book either an eBook or an on-demand paperback book.
  7. Do it now – The biggest obstacle is to procrastinate. Start small but do it now. You can always change course later as you learn.


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