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Adventure retirement businessStop paying for your adventure vacations

What’s wrong with vacations today?

Been there. Done that. People are tired of staying at the same international hotel chains, on a beach that looks like any other, with the same bland tasting food that tries to please everyone. They are looking for something different. They want an adventure. Something exciting that they can tell their friends about when they get home. If you like to travel, have new experiences, and have some organizing skills then you can take you dream vacation and get paid while doing it. Start you own Adventure business. Take your clients on adventures such as:

  • Accessible tourism designed for those with disabilities
  • Disaster tourism for those who want to see for themselves
  • Ethno tourism with trips back to the home country
  • Ocean cruising on a real working sailboat
  • Overland travel by RV, motorcycle, or on horseback
  • Parachuting in the Grand Canyon
  • Rock climbing for a new peak experience
  • Scuba Diving in the Caribbean
  • Urban exploration to unusual sites in your city
  • White water rafting down raging rivers
  • Zip line canopy tours in the jungles of Costa Rica

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