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How to choose a retirement business

zazzle-custom-mugThe current economic crisis has affected our retirement. Many of us have lost our job before we were ready to retire and can’t find another at the same pay rate.

Then our 401K and retirement funds took a big hit.

To top it off, the value of our house has fallen so we won’t be able to sell it for what we thought. And Social Security is less than we expected.

There are many other reason why it might be time to consider starting your own Retirement Business.

  • Your income is just not quite enough to live on
  • You are getting bored just watching the sunsets
  • Your spouse would like you  out of the house more

Here are 10 tips for choosing a Retirement Business:

  1. Don’t grow too big. Run the business yourself without permanent employees.
  2. You don’t want a job or store front with fixed hours to limit your freedom. Work when you want.
  3. Don’t gamble your retirement savings. Keep your investment low.
  4. Leverage what you already know or are passionate about.
  5. Get a portable retirement business if you move the business moves with you.
  6. Figure out what you need to earn. Maybe you just want to keep busy or attain a certain income level.
  7. Don’t dream about your Retirement Business. Make a list of things to do every week.
  8. At this stage of life your Retirement Business should be fun and not work.
  9. Learn all you can about your new business before starting.
  10. Start now. Don’t wait. Begin small and make mistakes along the way.

More advice for choosing a retirement business


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