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Antiques retirement businessHow to start an Antiques retirement business

Buying and selling antiques can be an excellent retirement business idea.

Starting an Antiques Retirement Business has many advantages such as:

  • Write off business travel to locate antiques around your city or even to Africa, Europe, Latin America, or the Far East.
  • Work the hours that you want.
  • Sell to individuals through classified ads, Craigslist, or eBay auctions.
  • Sell direct to antique stores.
  • Use your woodworking skills to restore items.

What you need to get started.

  • Knowledge of antiques and their values.
  • Restoration skills or know someone who has these skills.
  • List of where to find antiques.
  • Knowledge of the various ways to market and sell your antiques.
  • Accounting system.

An Antique Retirement Business offers extra income, flexible hours, travel, and use of your skills.

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