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Start an Art Teaching Business

Start & Run an Art Teaching Business

Anyone with an artistic skill such as painting, drawing, or pottery can start their own successful art teaching business. Many people interested in learning an artistic skill don’t have the space, materials, or facilities to learn on their own at home, and art schools provide them with a place they can go to learn with others without having to purchase expensive looms, kilns, easels, and other such equipment.

Children, teens, adults – they are all looking to do art in their free time. This book shows you step by step how you can start your own successful art teaching business, whether it’s at your home or at a rented studio. It will show you how to develop and customize not only classes, but also art camps, birthday parties, and artist’s retreats.

Learn how to set up classrooms, find students, provide great customer service, and ensure the business remains profitable – and generate the creative spark in your students, staff, and community. Whatever your artistic skill, with the right business plan and a bit of savvy you can start your own successful business teaching art to others. The CD contains MS Word forms and questionnaires to help you plan your business…

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Art of teaching art

The Art of Teaching Art

A Guide for Teaching and Learning the Foundations of Drawing-Based Art.
Often the finest artists do not make the best teachers. Many frustrated college students of art know this all too well as they suffer through unstructured classes with inexperienced teachers or graduate student instructors. In these situations, it is easy to blame the teachers. But the problem is largely institutional: most students graduating with MFAs from art schools receive little if any instruction in teaching art. If you find yourself in this predicament as teacher or student, this book is for you. The first book to provide a comprehensive guide for teaching…

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DK Art School Series

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DK art school books

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