Apr 152016

A Retired homemaker CAN earn more retirement income – certainly.

If you have spent most of your life working in the home you might find that your Social Security payments are very low. This is because Social Security payments are based on your lifetime earnings.

If you earned more, for more years, then you will receive a larger Social Security check.

However, if you spent a lot of time at home and not in the workforce, then your average lifetime earnings will be much less and therefore your Social Security payments will be less.

See this post on how Social Security penalizes women.

Homemakers have business skills too.

Also many people who have not spent time working outside of the home might feel that they just don’t have the skills to get a job or start a retirement business.

Not so.

There are many skills that you have as a result of running a household and, perhaps, raising children all those years.

Here are some suggestions.

If you …

►Ever attended a wedding –You could offer bridal services.

►Know how to boil water – You can learn to melt and make candles or soap.

►Have bought toys for a child – You could also make them.

►Bought clothes for you and your family – Then make them.

►Cleaned a house – Then stage homes for real estate agents.

►Cooked for your family – Bake cakes and cookies to sell.

►Decorated a Christmas tree – Make and sell ornaments.

►Explained what happened to a friend – Become a writer.

►Had birthday party – Become an event planner.

►Held a garage sale – Get into direct sales.

►Put a button on a shirt – Open your own sewing business.

►Raised kids – Start a Babysitter agency.

►Read a book at night – Then make lamps.

►Taken a bath – Then learn to make soap.

►Washed dishes – You can make your own pottery.

►Wrapped presents – Put together gift baskets.

►Written a letter – Make personalized items.

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