Oct 232016

The retirement dream

retirement-business-planAh. Retirement. At last. You’ve worked hard all these years. Now it’s time to enjoy life and do the things that you’ve always dreamed of doing but had to put off all these years.

Things like…

Fishing, gardening, golfing, sewing, traveling, woodworking…

You’re finally through with the rat-race, the stress, and the grind.

►No more 9-5
►No more bosses
►No more long commute

So, isn’t it time to cash in?

You know – maybe sell the house for a nice profit and move to a sunnier place like Arizona or Florida for a little golf, fishing, or gardening. Perhaps now you will have more time for that neglected hobby. Maybe you’d like to travel a little and visit the children or relatives.

So what is stopping you? What happened? Why aren’t you doing these things? What are you worried about?
Perhaps the problem is that you don’t have the retirement money that you thought that you would have?

So just how much money do you really have for retirement?

Maybe you took a good look at your financial assets and what you found was not what you expected.

►Social security payments don’t quite amount to all that much after all.
►Savings are a little on the low side.
►Investments took a dive.
►Your pension isn’t much either, if you still have one.
►And the house equity still hasn’t recovered from the real estate boom and bust.

It looks like you might have to find a way to earn a little more extra money in retirement to do all the things you want to do.

So what happened? Where did the money go?

After all you did more or less what your parents, teachers, and society told you to do in order to have a nice retirement.


►worked hard all your life.
►put a little away each month in the bank.
►made a few safe investments.
►raised a family and put the kids through school.
►bought a house in a good neighborhood.
►didn’t spend extravagantly.

But upon retirement you found that your financial situation just wasn’t what you expected.
Can you really retire after all?

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