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cosmetics Retirement BusinesHow to start a cosmetics Retirement Business

This is an ideal part-time business which allows to you work from home.We suggest that you start out as a representative of a reputable company like Avon or Mary Kay. After you have some success than consider integrating some of your own home-made cosmetics products little by little.

Cosmetics are easy to make. The ingredients are but a fraction of the selling price so the profits are huge. A lot depends on image and your marketing skills. Formulas are readily available in books and on the internet.

Cosmetics include

  •  baby products
  •  bath oils & salts
  •  bubble baths
  • deodorants
  •  eye & facial makeup
  •  fingernail & toe nail polish
  •  hair colors
  •  hair sprays & gels
  •  hand sanitizer
  • lipsticks
  • lotions
  • makeup
  • perfumes
  • powders
  •  skin care products,
  • soaps (which are excluded from FDA* regulations)

Here are some steps to consider in starting your own retirement cosmetic business:

  • Learn all you can about how cosmetics are made.
  • Check out the  US FDA* and Canadian cosmetics** regulations.
  • Choose a niche such as one the above products.
  • Decide on which age group is your market. Teenagers, singles, mothers, grand-mothers, older women, or even men (why not?).
  • Decide where you will sell which could be from your home, visiting friends, party-plan, online, arts and crafts show, or flea markets.
  • Get your business permits and legal structure in order. Consider using an accounting software program like QuickBooks.
  • Purchase the materials from reliable suppliers. If selling for others check out that it is not a multi-level marketing scheme.
  • Develop a marketing plan. This could be a website, brochures, business cards, labels, blog, ads on Craigslist, or bulletin boards.

Cosmetics can be sold to friends, at flea markets, and on consignment at specialty boutique stores.

* Be sure to comply with US Food & Drug Administration regulations. “A cosmetic maker can sell products without FDA approval. FDA does not review or approve cosmetics, or their ingredients, before they are sold to the public. But FDA urges cosmetic makers to do whatever tests are needed to prove their products are safe. Cosmetics makers must put a warning statement on the front labels of products that have not been safety testing, which reads, ‘WARNING — The safety of this product has not been determined.'” There are certain colorants which are not allowed as they can be toxic.

** Canada highly regulates cosmetics. Click here for more information on General Requirements for Cosmetics in Canada.

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