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If you are serious about starting a cleaning service retirement business then

Don’t clean homes

cleaning retirement business bucketThere are two main markets for a cleaning retirement business:

  • Residential
  • Commercial

Residential cleaning business

This is, perhaps, the easiest cleaning business to get started in. Mostly this consists of maid service like cleaning a house, cooking, laundry, and sweeping. Most homeowners hire low-income day workers paid by the hour without paying paid social security. These workers are subject to sudden last minute cancellations without any hope of lining up something else for that day. The income is not reliable and work is not steady. We don’t recommend it for a good cleaning retirement business.

In addition to maid service, homeowners also need grass cutting, landscaping, yard clearing, and trash hauling. This type of work is sporadic and often seasonal. There is a lot of competition doing this too.

One residential cleaning business which can be lucrative is carpet cleaning. However, you would be competing against many well-known franchise holders. It take a large capital investment and moving furniture so you can clean with a heavy machine might not be ideal for a retired senior.

Commercial cleaning business

vacuum for cleaning businessThis can be more lucrative that residential cleaning. To begin with you normally charge by the job and not the hour. The work is steadier and customers are not looking over your shoulder every minute to see if you are busy. (They will check you work, however.)

The big office buildings and major malls already are using large companies to do this work so that leaves you with small stores and professional offices. Many of theses commercial customers are tired of hiring part-time unreliable help and would welcome your professional services.

Janitorial services are the main services need. Cleaning and vacuuming floors, emptying waste baskets, and straightening merchandise.

Stay clear of any type of cleaning that requires specialized equipment or skills such as high-rise window washing, removing smoke damage from a fire, cleaning up after burst water pipes, or greasy garages.

What do you need to start a commercial cleaning retirement business?

This is an easy business to start. All you need to get started are a few mops, brooms, rags, buckets, and cleaning supplies. All available from Home Depot or Amazon.

Your biggest expense will be a truck to transport your equipment.

You can operate a commercial cleaning retirement business from your home, especially if you have a garage or basement space to store your supplies and equipment.

Find customers through word of mouth, Craigslist, Angie’s List, flyers, and posting on bulletin boards.

Read some good books on starting a cleaning retirement business, take a start a cleaning business course,  and check out this article on starting a cleaning retirement business step by step.


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