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When you first consider going into a Consulting Retirement Business, where will you get your first customer?

Why not start right where you are with your current or previous employer, or with the competition, or in a similar industry?

These are some of the easiest clients that you could have right away.

Consult for your previous employer

Before leaving your present job (or even after), approach your boss and offer your services on a consultant basis. You know the products, services, customers, industry, and competition. It would be much better to hire you as a consultant that train someone else. Remember, you want to be a consultant .- not just work some part-time hours.

What could you do?

  • You could train new employees.
  • Explain company policies to existing staff.
  • Interview prospective new employees or recruit.
  • Come in to replace someone on vacation.

Also current employees are often very reluctant to offer criticism or advice when employed. You could offer a perspective on how things might be better without a bias.

Consult for the competition

If your previous company is not interested in working with you, approach the competition.

They might be very interested in getting some fresh opinions and advice on how to improve their company. They might like to learn just what the competition thinks are their weaknesses and strengths. Just be sure that they don’t pick your brains during the interview. Make it clear that you want to be a continuing consultant and that you are not looking for a full-time job. And if you are not violating any non-compete agreements, you should have no problems.

Consult in another similar industry

If the above doesn’t work, then look into taking your skills and experience to another rapidly growing industry in a similar field or allied industry.

And finally, check out my write-up on starting a Consultant Retirement Business.


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