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eBay retirement businessStart an eBay Business today!

eBay is an ideal way to make money for your retirement from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of the options:

  • Sell your old unwanted household items that are just collecting dust
  • Do the same for your friends on consignment
  • Make something like Birdhouses, Candles, Doghouses, or Soap and sell on eBay
  • Buy a product cheap from someone on eBay who has done a poor marketing effort and resell it again yourself
  • Get something from a local flea market or Craigslist and resell on eBay

Many retirees are put off by selling something at retail. The advantages of eBay are:

  • You set your minimum selling price.
  • Buyer pays for shipping.
  • Risk is low. If you don’t get your price, you don’t sell and your costs are minimum.

The technology and learning curve is not really that high. If you can use Microsoft Word, Facebook, and a Smartphone, you can learn the ends and outs of eBay

You can start small with one item to learn how it’s done. Try it.

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