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Handyman Retirement Business – Software

Handyman retirement business course

Do You Want To Start And Run a Handyman Business?

Handyman Business Owners Can’t Keep Up With The Demand for Their Services…

There’s a ton of money to be made out there.

People don’t want to fool with doing small projects around the house. They don’t have time. (If they do have time, they would rather be doing something else.)

If you do quality work and do what you say you will (show up, return phone calls, etc) You can just about charge what you want to!

Customers get fed up. They’ve called all kinds of people to try and get small projects done. No one will call them back or if they do get a call back it’s weeks later…

So What Does This Mean To You? It means there’s a ton of money to be made in the handyman business. Don’t you deserve to get your share of this lucrative market?

Why not start your own handyman business?

Check out what you get in this course:

  • How to Get Customers.
  • Advertising Templates.
  • Estimating Cost and Profit Sheets.
  • Licensing and Insurance info. Learn what is required
  • Price Lists.
  • Pre-Written Easy to Customize Customer Letters.
  • How to Keep From Losing Money.
  • Must Have Handyman Forms, including: Bid Proposal, Proposal and Contract, Subcontractor’s Agreement, Mechanic’s Lien, and more.
  • Billing tips.
  • Networking techniques.
  • Start up Costs and Tools.

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QuickBooks is by far the best accounting software for your retirement business.

I have used QuickBooks for years and highly recommend it.

  • Complete accounting solution for small businesses.
  • Create unlimited professional invoices quickly and send them to customers by email.
  • See where your money comes from – and where it goes – with cash flow tracking.
  • Online, desktop, and mobile version available for PC and Mac.

More information about QuickBooks

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