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Here are 30 ways that you can earn extra retirement income this Christmas season.

  1. Amazon Trade In –The Amazon Trade-In program allows customers to receive an Amazon Gift Card in exchange for trading in item like books, books, cameras, CDs, cell phones, DVDs, electronics, electronics, laptops, movies, mp3 players, music, tablets, video games, and watches,
  2. Answer questions – If you are an expert in something like gardening, sewing, woodworking or fixing electronics you can get paid to answer questions. Check out Just Answer and KGB Answers.
  3. Articles – Get paid for writing articles at Hub Pages, Fire How, and Article Income.
  4. Bing Rewards – This is a way to earn money by searching with Bing only a few minutes a day.
  5. Call Center – You can work the hours that you want during the holiday season from your home on the phone answering customer inquiries. You need a computer with a microphone and speakers. Just search Google for “part time call center work”.
  6. Consignment – If you don’t have time or enough items for a garage sale or to take to a flea market, contact a store and put your items on consignment.
  7. Craigslist – Get rid of old furniture, chairs, tables, TVs, electronics and other items by selling them on Craigslist. Find a Craigslist near you.
  8. Decorating – Offer to decorate trees or houses for the holidays. Take photos of the ornaments and lights that you will use. Have different packages available.
  9. Delivery – Many people are pressed for time. Offer to pick up their holiday drinks, parcels from stores, and even do their food shopping.
  10. EBay – List your items on eBay. Take photos of your products, write good descriptions, and offer free delivery.
  11. Entertainment – If you can play the piano or keyboard, offer to play at holiday parties.
  12. Etsy – You can sell your handicrafts and home-made arts and crafts on Etsy which allows you to open your own store online. It costs only $0.20 to list an item and 3.5% commission.
  13. Facebook – Did you know that you can sell items on Facebook? Notify your friends but also joins groups in your area and announce to them too.
  14. Fiverr – This is a web site where you can offer to perform services for $5 and up. You could write an article, draw a log, setup a WordPress site, comment on a blog, research something in your town, or even translate a document.
  15. Focus Groups – Participate in a company sponsored opinion group where you are asked what you think about products. This is not the same as online surveys as you need to go to a location near your home. Pay is usually very good as well as receiving free products. Try Focus Point Global or Green Book.
  16. Food stand – Setup a food stand in front of your house or in a parking lot and sell holiday cakes and candies.
  17. Freelancer – Work on projects with Upwork or Guru.
  18. Garage sale – Now is the time to hold a garage sale. Join with your neighbors and add some holiday decorations that you bought wholesale just for the sale.
  19. Gift wrapping – Approach stores that do not offer gift wrapping. Tell them that you want to rent space, or give them a commission on each item that you wrap, or they pay you so much an hour and they buy the materials. Set up a table and you are in business. Work the hours that you want.
  20. Kiosk or stall – Contact your local shopping mall to rent a kiosk. Or if on a budget, setup a table at a Christmas mart. Buy Christmas ornaments, lights, costume jewelry, and other items directly from wholesalers, artisans, or even from Costco or Walmart. If you have skills yourself make and sell items that you have sewn or made in your workshop. Sell pre-stuffed holiday stockings with small toys for kids and deluxe chocolate bars for adults.
  21. Knitting – Knit winter and holiday scarfs, mittens, and shawls for resale. Personalize them with the name of your city or if you are selling in a store, with the name of the store.
  22. Listia – Give away your unwanted items and earn credits which you can turn into other items or cash.
  23. Mystery Shopper – Just by shopping in stores and eating in restaurants and writing a report of your experience can earn you extra money this holiday season. However, it you come across a web site promising that you will make a fortune and asking for a signup fee, it is a scam. Some legitimate sites are: ICC Decision ServicesKern Scheduling ServicesMarket ForceNational Shopping ServiceSee LevelVolition
  24. Rent out a room – If you have a spare room, while not rent it out to folks who are visiting relatives during the holidays. You could charge extra for use of your kitchen if your guests bring their own food. Mention that you have parking space, Internet, or are close to public transportation.
  25. Sell books and textbooks – Many sites on the internet will purchase your books and textbooks if you do not wish to sell them yourself on Amazon or eBay. For example at Cash 4 Books or My Book Buyer just type in the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and find out what they will pay.
  26. Surveys – Taking an online survey will not make you rich but you can earn some extra money just sitting at home with your computer. Any site that asks you to pay to sign up with them is a scam. Here some legitimate sites: Paid Surveys and Money Saving Mom.
  27. Swagbucks – Earn FREE gift cards from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and dozens of other stores for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online and more!
  28. Tutoring online – If you can teach, you can do it online at Tutor, Kaplan, or Limu.
  29. Web site testing – Major companies before they launch a new web site hire people to use it so they can find difficulties. Sign up with Try My UI or Userlytics.
  30. Wreaths – Make holiday wreaths, doormats, and other unique decorations. Put on consignment at stores or sell on Craigslist, or Etsy. You could also just display them in your front lawn if you have traffic and zoning allows. Visit your local craft store and get pine cones, artificial branches, ribbons, flowers and other items. Then sell the wreaths back to the craft store or put on consignment.


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