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 Start a Travel Agency or Travel Service

Start a Retirement Business Travel Service

If you are considering starting an Adventure Vacations Retirement Business
or a starting a travel agency, then you might check out some examples of the types of retirement travel business that you can start.

Start a Retirement Business Travel Service

customers to look for:

  • Academic – Trips to improve foreign language skills
  • Adventure – Eco tour to Costa Rica, mountain climbing, river rafting, cultural experiences
  • Business travelers – Maybe a trip to China or Mexico to explore business opportunities
  • Complex trips – Trips with multiple stops to visit Asia, Europe, South America for those without skills in booking on the Internet
  • Cruises – for first timers
  • Families – Take a dozen families to Disneyland (California), Disney World (Florida) or Disney Tokyo or Paris
  • First-time cruisers who don’t know where to begin
  • Honeymooners – Cruises to Puerto Vallarta including the entire wedding ceremony
  • People relocating ––For European business people moving to work in North America
  • People who need help planning the many facets of a complex trip
  • Retired people and snowbirds – Orientation trips including talks by financial advisors, real estate, tips on schools (often done for people retiring in Mexico)
  • Singles – Travel package to exotic places like Bangkok, Mediterranean, Ocho Rios
  • Specialty travelers – Tours for disabled, hobbyist, sports fans

How much can you earn if you start a retirement business travel service?

Although the demand for these travel agency services is huge, it can take some time to build a clientele.

You earn money from commissions paid bookings and from fees that you charge to your customers. (Note that many airlines no longer pay commissions to travel agents, so you should tack on an airline booking fee.)

Most commissions range from 10 to 15 percent of the net cost of the product. Some cruise companies will pay 18 to 20 percent or give you a free trip. Of course, if you sell a package tour, then you can set your own prices.

Most full-time travel agents earn about USD $30,000 per year. The lowest earn under $18,000 and the top 10 percent can earn more than $45,000. However, these numbers are for store front travel agent and a home base agency has much lower overhead and, there for the potential, to earn more.

Check out this article on Travel Weekly magazine on

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What types of travel agency retirement business services should you offer?

  • Advise customers on visas and passports
  • All inclusive services for all travel needs
  • Become a tour leader
  • Become a travel insurance agent
  • Book hotel rooms
  • Create schedules and itineraries
  • Getting you clients the best prices and options
  • Inform clients about travel tips and advisories
  • Look into medical tourism
  • Promote events like wedding tours
  • Put together tour packages
  • Reserve airline seats
  • Select rental cars
  • Sell cruises and the cruise tours
  • Sell tickets to attractions

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