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If you are writing a Kindle eBook, you really must check out this series of guides by Jamie Bell.

Kindle Books by Jamie Bell


(All of these books require an Amazon Kindle reader or if you don’t own one then can download free Kindle readers for your Android, Blackberry, Mac, PC, or other devices.)

Book 0 – How to Make Money Writing Kindle Books:

(Kindle Book Money #1-4) (Make Money with Kindle Books – How to Write & Sell Fiction & Nonfiction eBooks on Amazon: Writing, Marketing & Selling Series) Kindle Edition


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Book 1: How To Write A Kindle Book To Make Money


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  • – Why writing Kindle books is highly profitable? How much cash can you earn?
  • – What to write? What skills or knowledge do you need?
  • – How to learn from the best sellers to ensure your success?
  • – How to conduct your demographic analysis to truly know your audience?
  • – How to create a benefit driven, eye-grabbing book title?
  • – How to write a benefit driven book with great value?
  • – How to structure your book and use a writing style to build the trust and over-deliver the value?
  • – How to use a powerful, free read-aloud utility to drastically increase your book quality?
  • – How to get a good proof reader / editor dirt cheap?

– And a lot, lot more…
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Book2Book 2: How To Create A Book Cover That Sells Your Kindle Book


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Your book cover, especially the stamp-size image is the most critical to sell your book because this is the first thing people see.

This guide shows you:

– How to design a benefit driven, eye-grabbing book cover that stands out from the crowd and gets people to your book page right away?

– How to design a book cover like the one for this book set absolutely free or dirt cheap?

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Book3Book 3: How To Publish Your Kindle Book And Make It Sell


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This how-to guide shows you step-by-step to publish your Kindle book and make it available for millions of people around the world to buy.

More importantly, it shows you how you can drastically increase your book sales without blogging, Twittering and other tedious promotions:

– How to write a benefit driven, exciting book description and encourage your customers to buy?

– How to use the special, call to action line to secure your sales and stop people from buying your competitors’ books instead of yours?

– How to fully explore the power of keywords to drastically expand the reach of your customers and increase your book sales by leaps and bounds?

– How to run your free promotions and set your price to give your book sales a huge, instant boost?

– And a lot, lot more…

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Book4Book 4: How To Bring Your Kindle Books from Nowhere To Best Seller


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This how-to guide reveals a big secret I stumbled upon by accident, which has brought many my books from nowhere to the best seller lists.

I have developed a winning strategy that works for both new and existing books. If you have books that are not selling well at the moment, this strategy will definitely bring your Kindle book money venture to a brand-new level.

Best of all, you don’t have to write one word extra to see the magic.

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