Mar 292016
Retirees who have started retirement businesses

retireHere’s a great article from Retired Brains, a highly recommended site!

Frankie Locallo loved dogs and was looking for a new business where she could couple her love and make some money at the same time. She started “Puppy Love” to provide puppies at children’s birthday parties so the kids could play with puppies as part of the fun. She wrote to tell us that her business has expanded beyond just children’s parties to include adult events and video taping of the interaction for later viewing. She has a staff who set up the puppy petting area and teach and supervise proper puppy petting.

Carrie Bledsoe started her own concierge business. She runs errands for her clients including buying groceries, shopping for gifts, arranging parties, making vacation plans, seeing their pets are taken care of while clients are on vacation, etc. She started doing this for friends while she was in between jobs and has turned it into a full-time job. She told us she has even hired reliable people to help her during the holidays as this is her busiest season.

Doreen McManus collects used-goods that others throw out and makes small purchases at yard sales and sells them on Craigslist. She regularly checks the alleys and the front of people’s homes on garbage collection day.   She found that baby items, bunk beds, video games and electronics sell well. “It is amazing what people discard that has value,” she wrote. “Anyone who is not afraid of getting into other peoples junk can do this,” she went on. “After a while you learn what will sell and what will not.”

Bill Franks, a retired engineer, spent a great deal of time designing landscaping for his own house and wrote us that he was successful in starting a small landscaping business..

Betty Pohler has two dogs that she walks regularly and said in her email “I thought why can’t I take care of some other people’s dogs and get paid to do so?” Now she employs 3 other neighborhood “dog people” to assist her growing dog walking business and she even has been given keys to the houses of some of her clients so she can feed and check on their dogs while they are on vacation.

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