More Best Business Ideas for Retirement


48 More Retirement Businesses You Can Start

Earn the extra money that you need for enjoying your retirement.

more-retirement-businessesThis is a list of some of the best retirement business ideas similar to the ones on the Big list of Business Ideas for Retirement. If there is a lot of interest in a particular business, I will try to make individual pages for them. For now, I just have short summaries.

These additional Retirement Businesses that meet the criteria:
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  1. Bottle & Can Redemption – Many restaurants are throwing their cans and bottles into the recycle bin. At only 5 to 10 cents a bottle you need massive quantities so don’t waste your time going through garbage cans. The following states have a bottle deposit redemption California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. Check out this article on making a living collecting bottles and cans.
  2. Carpet And Rug Cleaning – Check out the competition. Often in smaller towns no one is doing this. You will need to invest in professional equipment as the machines at the super market are heavy duty. How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business article.
  3. Ceramics – You can sell your ceramics to shops, studios, and other retailers. Or travel the craft show circuit or participate in bazaars and community events. Also consider teaching ceramics. Of course you might need to invest in a better kiln and other equipment.
  4. Chair Caning – Here is an interesting article on a Chair Caning family business.
  5. Coach
  6. Desktop publisher
  7. Direct selling
  8. Disc Jockey for senior parties – Many community centers would love to sponsor dances if only there were someone who could provide the music. You can from your laptop. Get an audio mixer, some good speakers, and oldies records. The competition is usually younger people who don’t offer the good ol’ music that we seniors prefer. Check out this link from Entrepreneur magazine on starting a Mobile Disc Jockey business. (However, you don’t need $10,000 if your already have a vehicle.)
  9. Do you know a foreign language? – Courts, hospitals, and businesses often need translators – especially for languages other than Spanish. American Translators Assn. You could teach small groups in your home or use a community center. This does require a time commitment but you set the dates and hours. Sell the foreign language textbooks from Barnes & Noble or foreign language textbooks from Amazon.
  10. Dog Sitting – Many people no longer have time for their pets. Offer to walk the dog and pet-sit while they go on vacation. Check out this article on how to Become a Pet-Sitter or Dog-Walker by Entrepreneur magazine. Check out this course on Pet Sitting tooPet Sitting too.
  11. Editorial services
  12. Embroidery – With the right machine you can expand your Sewing Retirement Business into custom embroidery for clothes, hats, baseball teams, and advertising. Don’t open a store. Just canvas clothing stores and contact team managers.
  13. Entertainer – If you can play music, sing, or tell stories consider offering your services to Assisted Living and Nursing facilities. Check out Seniors Entertainer to learn more. Festivals, Flea Markets, and State Fairs – Rent a booth and sell other peoples crafts.
  14. Fix Musical Instruments. You can get parts from Stuart MacDonald or visit your local Guitar Center or Musicians Friend to let them know what you can do.
  15. Garage Sale Organizer – Offer to put together a garage sale for the neighborhood. You do the publicity and signage. Charge each family a fee. Or simply take things on consignment with them delivering the merchandise to your site. Don’t forget to sell snacks.
  16. Gift Basket
  17. Grocery Shopper – Many elderly people, shut-in, and others cannot get to the supermarket. If you have reliable transportation you could do their shopping for them. Run each through a separate register and charge a fee.
  18. Home inspector
  19. Home VHS to DVD – Many people still have old movies (especially seniors) of their kids and grandkids on old VHS. It is easy to transfer them to DVD. It is a good business if you know what you are doing. Some photographers make well over a thousand dollars to shoot a wedding and create an album on DVD or with physical prints. The best products is Roxio Easy VHS To DVD  Capture Device available from Amazon, Barnes &Noble (for Mac), or Sears.
  20. Information broker
  21. Justice of the Peace – More and more people don’t want a religious ceremony. As a JP you can perform weddings on the beach, in the park, at people’s home, and even rent a chapel. Let them write their own ceremony. Make a deal with caterers, cake suppliers, florists, dress shops, and photographers. Check out  your state to become a justice of the peace and this page for wedding ideas on things to offer for sale.
  22. Landscaper – This is not cutting grass. You consult with your client, advise them on what plants to put in etc. Then buy the plants wholesale and subcontract to someone else to install. Contact plant nurseries and architects to let them know of your services. Pay them a commission for every job that you get.
  23. Locksmith – This is a very inexpensive business to run. You can operate from the back of your car. You will need some training.
  24. Mailing list service
  25. Mediator
  26. Medical billing
  27. Medical coding
  28. Mobile notary
  29. Pet Groomer
  30. Pool Maintenance – A very good summer time or even year-round in warmer climates. You can subcontract the work if you want.
  31. Pottery – People are looking for unique, hand-made items. If you have an artistic flair look into pottery.
  32. Pressure Washing Business – Many stores are dirty. Someone with a pressure washer could really make things look better.
  33. Private Detective – If you were once a police officer, look into licensing requirements. Or simply offer security systems to stores that seem to have none.
  34. Professional Organizer
  35. Public Notary – It is easy to become certified. Notify banks, lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents or your services.
  36. Raise Money for Charity – Many charity organizations would like to have more money. You could organize events such as auctions, consignment sales, festivals, and even dances for a fee.
  37. Recycle Metal – Many people have old items like washing machines, dryers, TV, and other items that contain a lot of metal. If you have a truck, you can get good money at scrap yards. Organize a recycling day for your local civic organization.
  38. Screen Installation
  39. Sell Musical Instruments – You can buy from Craigslist or eBay, repair them if necessary, and resell them to individual clients, on the internet, or to music stores on consignment.
  40. Sign Painting – Many small businesses need signs. You can do it yourself or sell from a catalog. Or make a deal with a local sign shop that doesn’t have time to walk Main Street and find out who needs a sign.
  41. Snack wagon – You can rent or buy a wagon to sell just about anything from cotton candy, hot dogs, to drinks. Go to flea markets, local ball games, shopping mall events, and parades / festivals. Check with your city for license requirements.
  42. Stained Glass – These are beautiful and easy to make. Sell at flea markets, fairs, and on consignment to gift shops. Use local scenes to be unique.
  43. Teach Music – You can do this from your home or a music shop.
  44. Tour Guide – If your city is visited by tourist and has interesting sites, why not offer walking tours? Charge a fee and sell books and souvenirs too.
  45. Tune Pianos – This is a very high paying hourly retirement business. You don’t need many tools but your will need training. To find clients contact Musical schools Piano music teachers Stores to get
  46. Webmaster – Many businesses have old obsolete poorly done web sites. Contact local merchants and take a look at their sites. Figure out how to make them better. If you don’t have web skills, you can subcontract to community college students by contacting their teachers to find out who is good.
  47. Window Washer – Who is washing all the windows in your town? It could be your. Subcontract to teenagers if you really don’t want to do the work yourself.
  48. Woodwork – Just about anything that you can make from wood will sell.