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Can you afford to retire?

retirement-business-planMany of us in our 50s and 60s start seriously considering what it will be like to be retired. Maybe we can play more golf, visit the kids more often, take some vacations or even move to a warmer place.

However, millions of people are discovering  that our

  1. Social Security payments will not be that much
  2. Company pension (for those who have one) has been cut or has disappeared
  3. Savings are low
  4. House equity is still poor

Or worse, many people have

  1. Had a divorce which cut their pension funds in half
  2. Lost money in 401(k) investments that were poorly managed
  3. Suffered unexpected medical expenses not covered by insurance

In other words, we are not looking forward to retirement.

We are going to have to DRASTICALLY cut our lifestyle unless we


STOP. Don’t get a job. That’s not retirement. It’s back to the old grind or worse.


The part-time jobs that are available for retirees have:

  • Poor pay – barely above minimum wage with no benefits
  • Bad positions – stocking groceries or flipping burgers
  • Bad hours – night shifts, Sundays, and Holidays
  • Lousy conditions – the worst tasks are given to the old folks
  • Stupid bosses – can you take orders from a 20 year old

The truth is that seniors are still discriminated in the work place in spite of the law.

So what are the alternatives?

One alternative (if you have enough money to risk) is to make better investments in real estate or the stock market.

Another might be to marry another rich widow or widower. (Good luck with that!)

Maybe you could win the lottery.

However, your best bet is to:

Start a small retirement business

  • Work the hours you want
  • Work when you want
  • Work for customers that you like
  • Work because you enjoy the work

Follow your dream. If you have enough money to get buy, you can supplement that income with your own retirement business.



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Where to Find Products to Sell for Your Retirement Business

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