Retirees: the Stock Market is a Scam


Investing in the Stock Market is a Scam.

The stock market is one of the worst places for your Retirement Savings – especially stocks and mutual funds.

Why is the stock market a bad place to invest your retirement funds?

After all most investment advisers and investment articles (that is, people who stand to profit) point out that you will not make much money unless you invest in the stock market.

They also fail to mention that over the last 20 years more people have lost money with their stocks and mutual funds, then those who just kept their money in the bank or in safe bonds.

Here are some of the disadvantages of having most of your savings in stocks and mutual funds:

  • Vacations: You can say goodbye to taking a vacation in your retirement. Playing the stock market is a job. You have to know watch your investment all the time. No one will do it for you in spite of what the mutual funds promise.
  • Fun. The stock market is quite complicated. You have to really study what you are investing in. You can’t be betting on rumors or hunches. If you don’t have the time to really study a security, then you shouldn’t invest in it. Even the research advisory services cannot be relied upon. The stock market is not a frivolous game it is serious.
  • Scams. No one wants to be scammed. Retirees have lost millions on ‘safe’ investment scams. There are NO fortunes to be made in the short run. ABC News article
  • Long-term. Stocks only pay off in the long-term. If you are past 50 you don’t have time for the market to “recover”. If you got burnt once, what would you do different to not lose your savings again?
  • Stress. Wondering whether you´ve made money today or lost it can be very stressful – something that most of us want to avoid when we retire. You have enough other worries in your life. The stock market is mostly out of your personal control. It is for most of us a form of gambling and the “house” (experts) will win every time.
  • Technology. The stock market prices depend on intrinsic value of the stock but also on supply and demand. The experts have sophisticated computer technology to help them “win” which most retirees cannot afford.

So what should you do with your retirement savings?

Move most of your money from your stocks and mutual funds into cash or very safe bonds.

So why do I suggest that you put your money into cash or bonds or a retirement business?

  • You need to keep enough in safe bonds to keep up with inflation and for emergencies.
  • Then invest the rest in your own retirement business for maximum profit.

Check out these Ideas for a Retirement Income Business that you can do.

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