May 182016

cover3-ebook-700This is my third book in the series Retirement Business Launch:

Book #1 – How to Earn More Retirement Income
Book #2 – Where to Find Products to Sell for your Retirement Business
Book #3 – What Services Should You Offer For Your Retirement Business?
Book #4 – Secrets to Selling at Flea Markets for your Retirement Business

This is a  step by step guide to start your own service retirement business today!

This book was written for everyone who is about to retire or has just retired and is concerned that their savings, pensions, Social Security, investment income, and home equity will not be enough to live on during retirement.

It is also written for those retired people who want to keep active and / or pursue their dream business offering a service.

This book includes a

  • Large list of 140 services that you can offer
  • Bonus – Review of Software Tools
  • Bonus – Create a Marketing Plan

Plus it includes dozens of links to websites with additional information.

If you need extra retirement income – then this book is for you.

It is not written for people who want to get rich quick or for those looking for a retirement job or for someone who wants to start another Microsoft or Facebook.

This book will guide you through the steps that you need to take to start your own service retirement business – even if you never had your own business before.

Don’t work for someone else in your retirement.

A retirement business is NOT a job that requires you to be at a certain place for a certain number of hours and work how the boss dictates.

An ideal retirement business meets these criteria

  • You do not have to work in a fixed location. Therefore I don’t recommend that you open a store front, restaurant or a bed & breakfast.
  • You will not have to maintain fixed working hours. You should work when you want for as long as want or for as little as you want. It depends on you.
  • You will not have to have employees. Don’t deal with a payroll and employee issues. Perform the services yourself or outsource them to subcontractors.
  • You need little or no capital investment. Protect the funds you have and do not put them at risk.
  • You do not need specialized skills, licenses or certifications for most of these retirement service businesses.
  • You cannot be fired as you will not be dependent on one boss.

In other words, you can earn money from your own retirement business and still remain retired.

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