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Adventure Vacations Retirement Travel Business

travel-business This book will get you started on the way to your own retirement travel business. The travel industry is changing. Although many people are buying their airline tickets and booking their hotel online, they still want more.You can give them an adventure with a complete package of additional services that the big hotel and airline sites just can’t deliver.In this book your will discover

  • what it takes to get into niche travel markets
  • where to find tour operators
  • how to qualify for huge discounts
  • lists of exotic getaways
  • important associations
  • travel software
  • how to make a mailing list
  • success stories.
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Adventure Vacations Retirement Business

  • Hot travel markets including: business, leisure, adventure, honeymoons, family, men only, women only, seniors, and more
  • Designing and pricing your services and packages
  • Managing your finances
  • Using efficient software systems and mobile technology for daily operations
  • Complying with security regulations for domestic and foreign travel
  • Advertising and promoting online and in print
  • Growing your business

From finding clients to delivering a trip of a lifetime and everything in between, learn what you need to know to become a high-flying success!

 I have read this book and highly recommend it.book
Start Your Own Travel Business and More*
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