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How I survived in retirement

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Start a here for a Retirement BusinessHi, my name is Joe Leonard. For many years I worked in the computer industry as an international sales manager. I started out with mini-computers but got laid off after many companies started to use networked PCs. I then started my own independent web development business.  I used to lived in Seattle, Washington and have now moved to Guadalajara, Mexico to retire – and to start my own retirement business. Let me tell you a little story.

In 2006 I was thinking about retiring, selling the house, consolidating my 401K funds, and moving from Seattle to a warmer climate (Arizona, Florida, Costa Rica or Mexico). But before I could do so, everything went wrong. First my company started laying off middle-management people like me who suddenly lost their jobs. I found out that there was a lot of age discrimination in spite of the law. There was little hope of finding a similar position much less for the same pay. Then the housing market collapsed. My house was suddenly worth 40% less. So I could forget about cashing in on that and using the money for retirement. Next the stock market took a dive and my life savings drastically decreased. To top it off my wife and I decided to divorce. I wasn’t broke but my social security and savings that were left would not be enough to retire well.

I took these 5 Steps to improve my retirement income and cut my expenses

  1. Moved to a cheaper city – Guadalajara, Mexico
  2. Got a rid of a major house expense with a reverse mortgage
  3. Converted my stocks and mutual funds (what was left) into bonds and cash
  4. Learned new skills
  5. Started a part-time small Retirement Business

I started this web site for people over 50 seniors like myself who want (or need to) begin a new life with a better retirement income.

Check out these page for more details:

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