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How Stuff Works logoThe web site How Stuff Works has an article suggesting some Retirement Businesses that could be run from your home. Let’s at them from the perspective of how they might be good retirement business. Let me know if you would like more information on any of these and I will devote a separate web page to them!

1) Tutoring

I have posted some information on starting a Tutoring Retirement Business on this web site.  How Stuff Works has some good links to online tutoring companies looking for instructors. In addition to tutoring academic course, they suggest looking into helping students with SAT and ACT tests for college entrance requirements as well as the GED – General Educational Development, GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test, GRE – Graduate Record Examinations and LSAT – Law School Admission Test.

I’d like to hear some comments on your success with tutoring. How did you start? What do you teach? Where do you get students?

2) RV/Camping Jobs

These are jobs working in a fixed location for specific days at a salary. So they don’t meet my criteria above.

3) Bed-and-Breakfast Owners

This type of business takes a major investment in money, time, and effort. You will probably also need employees. This is a full time commitment which is not the focus of this web site.

4) Property Management

Typically this involves showing apartments, taking calls from tenants, arranging for maintenance in exchange for free rent and / or a small payment. While an interesting idea, you might find it difficult to travel and will be on-call 24 hours.

5) Online Jurors

Lawyers often need to know how their presentation of a case might be decided. So they employee online jurors. The hours are very flexible but the pay seems very low ($10 per case??). Check it out if you have time as it can be done from home.

6) Tax Services

Helping people with their taxes is a very good seasonal business that can pay very good money. I have a web page called Tax Filing Service Retirement Business.  How Stuff Works suggest that you register with the IRSp to become a tax professional if you are not already a licensed attorneys or CPA.

Also look into learning the ropes from H&R Block tax preparation courses for beginners. Be careful that they don’t limit you with a contract that prohibits you from going out on your own later.

Does any of my readers have some tips and suggestions on starting a Tax Services Retirement Business?

7) Writing/Blogging

About the only advice that How Stuff Works for making a business out of writing is to start a blog and earn money from advertisements. The problem is that you need massive amounts of traffic to earn any money. A better use of your writing skills is to write for Amazon Kindle or SmashWords or at least sell affiliate products on your web site.

Their second suggestion is to write for other blogs and get paid. The problem is that this won’t make you very much money. It’s better to write for other blogs that have high traffic in your market (even for free) as long as they will give you a link back to your web site where you make money with your own products or as an affiliate.

8) Pet Sitting

I have some information on making Dog Houses as a Retirement Business but never thought about Pet Sitting. According to How Stuff Works about 60% of households have pet and pet hotels are expensive. All they need is someone who will feed the pet and let it out for a walk.

There is a National Association of Professional Pet Sitters that can give you more information.

Is there enough interest for me to do some research and write more about a Pet Sitting Retirement Business?

9) Catering

I looked at catering and food preparation and ruled it out because it has the following problems: you probably won’t be allowed to use your own kitchen without major changes for health inspection; you could be liable for food poisoning or worse; you may need to pass a government exam in nutrition, health, and safe handling of food; it requires an inventory that will spoil it not sold. All in all, I’d stay away from catering.

10) Consulting

The How Stuff Works article mentions the importance of consulting but does not give specifics. I much prefer my own web page on starting a Consulting Retirement Business.

From the article – 10 Business Ideas for Retired Couples according to How Stuff Works.
This is PART 2 of Top 10 Home Retirement Business Opportunities. (Click here for Part 1 or Part 3)

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