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Travel Agent Courses from the Travel Agent Academy

Travel-Agent-AcademyIf you are thinking of starting a Travel Agency Retirement Business check out these


Here is a review of courses from the Travel Agent Academy.

  • Destinations – Learn how to sell vacations in
    • Cancun – The brand new Cancun Tourism Institute has with a wealth of resources, training courses and a rewards program. You will be a Cancun Specialist in no time.
    • Chile – Are you selling South America’s most remarkable and diverse nation? Chile news, training, deals, resources, direct client referrals. Get started today with  the Travel Agent Academy!
    • Ecuador – Discover Ecuador: Become an Ecuador Specialist Today with Travel Agent Academy!
    • Europe – Take a look at the new European Quartet Campus! Increase your knowledge on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.
    • Honduras – This is Honduras, where land meets sea and the fire of cultures past and present shines brightly. Discover with your fellow agents a land where wonder is limited only by imagination.
    • Israel – Some 3.5 million tourists visited Israel in 2012, more than ever before in the country’s 65-year history. The Israel Specialist program is designed to assist you in appealing to Israel’s three primary markets.
    • Japan – “Tour” Japan’s modern and ancient attractions – a natural beauty all its own; historic monuments, castles and shrines; pop culture and more.
    • Jordan – Explore how Jordan, which once captivated ancient travelers, continues to enthrall a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation.
    • Mexico – Are you Mexico-Fluent? Ready to sell the most popular international destination for American vacationers?
    • Malta – Malta is packed with pleasures: ancient towns and archaeological sites; expansive beaches and spectacular scenic vistas; award-winning diving experiences, and much more.
    • Morocco – Morocco’s allure is so strong, it’s likely to ensure that your clients’ first trip will be one of many. Become a Morocco Champion today!
    • Peru – The all-new Peru Agent Specialist features dynamic news, package deals, educational courses, plus videos, webinars, maps, and so much more.
    • Puerto Rico – 2011 HSMAI Winner – Visit the new Puerto Rico Travel Expert Campus, pass the General Courses (Chapters 1-4) and gain access to the exciting Incentives/Rewards program and Master’s Course.
    • South Africa – This exciting course guides you in selling South Africa, as well as giving you the tools to secure that booking.
    • Sud de France – Discover the Languedoc-Roussillon region, this mountainous, sun-drenched region kissing Spain and hugging the southernmost curve of the Mediterranean Sea. Complete the online training and become eligible for a FAM trip (For agents based in the United States and Canada only).
    • Switzerland – Welcome to the new Switzerland Advisor program (Gold level). Switzerland is one of the best destinations for travelers looking for active vacations, unforgettable experiences and unique accommodation.
  • Cruises – Courses on selling Windstar and River cruises.
  • Hotels – Sell Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas, Mexan Hotels, Hotel Riu, and more.
  • Tours – Learn about  the USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association) tours and vacation packages
  • and more about the Travel Agent Academy Courses


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