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Tutoring Guide

TUTORING: Complete Home Business Guide

Tutor at home, Set your own Fees, Set your own schedule, Earn more tutoring online, tutor to international People

The author, Kimberly Davison-Fujioka, has tutored for over 25 years and can quickly teach you how to develop a successful home tutoring retirement business.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up your own Tutoring Business/Decide What to Tutor
  • Find Students who need a Tutor
  • Establish your Hourly Rate
  • Advertise your Services for Free
  • Tutor Online
  • Use Skype and other Video/Audio Messaging Services
  • Webcams and Audio for Teaching Online
  • Create a Virtual Classroom
  • Maintain Regular Monthly Income
  • Teach international students how to speak English
  • Make a Lesson Plan
  • Teach the Beginning Speaker of English
  • Teach English conversation using Pictures
  • Teach English conversation with Podcasts
  • Free ESL Lessons
  • Websites with Free ESL Lessons
  • Create ESL lessons using newspaper articles

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