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How much are your receiving from your pension*?

Most of us will answer.

N O T    E N O U G H

handyman retirement businessSo why not start a Handyman Retirement Business?

Almost all homeowners need someone to make those little repairs around the house that they don’t know how to do or simply don’t want to do.

How much are they willing to pay for a handyman to do it for them?

Average Handyman charges USD $74.18 per hour

According to Angie´s list their members are paying an average of $74.18 per hour for handyman cost ranging from $67.19 to $81.17.

This is much more than you might currently be receiving from your Canadian Pension or US Social Security*.

How do you charge for handyman services?

You can charge by the hour or by the job. And you can also purchase the materials and charge for them too.

Charging by the Hour:

If the job is simple like repairing a leaky faucet or restarting the furnace, you can charge by the hour. And don’t forget to charge for mileage if out of your normal area and for “emergency” or after normal working hours or weekends or holidays. Be sure to charge for your time and material (add a percentage to the item) to go to Home Depot for parts or materials.

Charge by the Job:

If the job is more involved, you should fix bid the contract with a 50% down payment. Be sure to put every little detail into a written contract before beginning the job. If a customer objects to your price, show them how they can say money by doing part of the work themselves, such as hauling away debris, moving furniture, going to buy materials alone, painting, or preparation work.

In addition to making a good income, there are:

More reasons why you should start a Handyman Retirement Business

  • Challenging

Working for yourself is a challenge as you will learn a lot of new skills that will keep you mentally and physically alert.

  • Freedom

You decide when you want to work, where you want to work, what jobs you are willing to do, and what price you want to charge.

  • Work environment

If you like variety, meeting people, and getting out of the house this could be ideal. Unlike a job, you don’t have to be at the same place every day doing the same thing over and over again.

Here is some more information on a Handyman Retirement Business.


* How much are you receiving from your government’s retirement pension plan?

Canada – The average Canadian Pension monthly payment is CAD $1,065 per month or CAD $6 per hour.
USA – The average Security monthly payment is USD $1,219 per month or just USD $7 per hour.


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