Nov 202015

Start a Writing retirement business.

typewriterCan you write? Do you know how to research a subject and put your thoughts on paper?

If so then there are thousands of writing opportunities available now for a retirement business.

While newspapers and general purpose magazines are folding, new opportunities have opened up on the internet.

Here are some new ideas for a writing retirement business.

Article writing – There are literally thousands of internet sites trying to attract readers with articles. Whereas in the past, there might have been only a handful of magazines, say on cats, there are not hundreds on the internet. In the past you had to submit your article proposal to each magazine, wait weeks to get accepted, see it published 3 months later and then wait a couple of more months for your payment. Now on the Internet you get accepted (or rejected) within days and they use the article right away. Payment is much quicker and they need fresh material every day not every month like a paper magazine. Here are some links to get started.
Copyediting – Even if you can’t right, you can offer to proof read and check for style, grammatical and typographical errors.
Proofreading – This involves checking fact for accuracy. If you know a particular subject well like computers, medicine, or science you are in demand.
Booklets – It is now easier than ever to put together a quick 20 page booklet on a topical subject and publish on Kindle. Just follow the news, do some research, and publish. You could turn out a different booklet every week.

Books – You can also write full length fiction or non-fiction books. There is no cost to publish an eBook with Kindle, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords. You can also publish an on demand paperback at no cost too.
Ghost writing – You can also contact well-known political, celebrity, and experts in a field and offer to help them write a book. Or target an existing popular book and offer to convert it into an eBook.

Blogs – Also many of the same people above would like to maintain contact with the public but have no idea how to start a blog and no time either. Offer to setup their blog and maintain it. Just phone them a couple of times a week, get their ideas, shape it into a blog or Twitter comment, get their approval and publish.

Websites – It used to be that when you wrote for a magazine you had to send a inquiry to one magazine, wait for a response, and if rejected then send an inquiry to another. This could take a month or so. Then when you were accepted the magazine would publish your article in two or three months and pay you two or three months later. The whole process could take as much as 6 months. And the magazine would only publish once a month. On the internet there are now a lot more sites that need to publish articles weekly or daily. So the opportunities are much greater now. And they pay monthly!


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